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Core Drills

Drill all day with just one person

Hilti core drills match your application needs - through-holes, penetrations, large openings, or blind holes for anchors.

Hilti core drills

Drill by yourself and own your schedule

You don’t know what kinds of hidden rebar—might stand in your way. You just know that you want to get to the other side of a concrete wall, floor, or barrier as quickly as you can. Of course, you also know how costly and time-consuming unexpected jamming of core drills can be.

For these reasons and more, our engineers have developed options that can help you improve productivity and cut back on downtime. Match the demands of your base materials with core drills that can adapt gearing and speed to the job at hand. Minimize diamond core bit jams with core drills that can detect and compensate for embedded rebar. Satisfy dry or wet core-drilling applications with core drills that can be handheld or rig-mounted.


Hilti Core Drills