Concrete Coring

Total solutions for faster, easier concrete coring

When trying to identify the ideal concrete-coring tool for your applications, don’t limit your focus to just the tool.

Then consider the impact that the proper balance of tool and bit can have on speed, productivity, and overall cost efficiency in your concrete-coring applications.

concrete core drilling

Hilti can help

Leverage the experience of Hilti tool developers who appreciate the physical demands of various concrete materials as well as the practical challenges encountered on the job every day. That’s the type of expertise that has created advanced capabilities.

Concrete Core Drilling tools

  • Diamond drilling

    Perfect the art of concrete coring

    In most cases, your concrete-coring concerns involve much more than just punching a hole in a wall. Achieve the precision and productivity that can advance your business, as well as your progress on the job, with a full array of Hilti diamond tools and bits for concrete-coring applications.

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    DD-WMS 100 Water Management System

    Make quick work of dust and slurry

    Keeping the jobsite clean, maintaining a constant pressurized water supply, and disposing of slurry are time consuming. In fact, it’s estimated that professionals spend almost an hour per day suppling water and cleaning slurry while diamond coring. With the introduction of the DD-WMS 100 Water Management System these tasks become a thing of the past.

    Clean your jobsite with the DD-WMS 100
    x-change module

    X-change module - when producitivty really matters

    When it comes to diamond drill bits for concrete-coring applications, the design of the leading edges on diamond-covered cutting segments literally makes a difference. For troublesome base materials where diamond core bit jamming is more likely, you can minimize downtime with the unique X-Change Module. We specifically created this modular design to let you disengage the cutting head, clear the jam, and get back to work sooner—right on the job site— without even removing the barrel of the bit from the drill.

    Change the way you handle diamond drill bit jams
    diamond core bits

    Diamond Core Bits: What's your color?

    Hilti core bits are now available in three performance levels to ensure you have the right core bit for your job. Our core bits cover a complete range of base materials and applications, with performance levels to match your needs. Use our handy color-coding as a guide to find the right bit for your job.

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    diamond coring accessories

    Accessories can make a difference

    Diamond drilling accessories to customize our Hilti diamond drilling tools with drill stands, columns, chuck adapters, dust and water management systems and more.

    Accessorize your core rig