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Diamond Tools

Make it easier to finish hard jobs in tough materials.

You need more than just brute force to meet the demands of today’s construction challenges. You also need the finesse to create more precise openings, leave a more presentable look, and minimize finishing or screed cleanup efforts. So, when the cutting gets tough, Hilti diamond tools deliver.

Whatever the shape of the cut or nature of the base material, you’ll appreciate how a comprehensive selection of top-grade Hilti diamond tools provides more options to deliver the best end results. Whatever your job requirements, you’ll find more diamond tools and concrete-cutting supplies in multiple formats and sizes to deliver the performance level you expect.

concrete coring
Perfect the art of concrete coring.

In most cases, your concrete-coring concerns involve much more than just punching a hole in a wall. Achieve the precision and productivity that can advance your business, as well as your progress on the job, with a full array of Hilti diamond tools and bits for concrete-coring applications.

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concrete cutting
Take the most direct line to better concrete cutting performance.

Hilti innovation makes a difference in the quality of your work and productivity of your job—whether you are cutting up, down, or across. Compare options for concrete saws, diamond blades, and abrasive blades.

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Smooth your path to cleaner concrete grinding and finishing.

Compare your options of better diamond tools for concrete-grinding performance—including angle grinders for concrete and metal, wheels and blades that optimize performance, and vacuum systems that whisk away concrete dust. We have engineered a full range of Hilti diamond tool, diamond cup wheel, and diamond-cutting disc and blade options so you can tailor your choice to your specific concrete and metal finishing needs.

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