Cutters and Crimpers

Cable termination solutions to make your job easier

Our cordless knockout punch, cutters, and crimpers provide solutions for cable termination that:

  • Are smaller in size and weigh less than manually-actuated hydraulic alternatives
  • Take less effort to use and perform faster than rachet and long-handled manual tools
  • Are backed by the industry leading 20-2-1 warranty

Knockout punch NPU 100-A22

Make holes in electrical boxes and other enclosures efficiently

  • Allows for extreme maneuverability to reach into difficult applications where other tools struggle to reach
  • A safer option over manually actuated hydraulic knockout tools
  • Provides faster application performance over manual tools
  • Makes holes up to 6" in diameter in mild steel (10 gauge) and up to 4" in stainless steel (10 gauge)

Cutter and crimping tool NUN 54-A22

True versatility - a universal tool for most cutting and crimping applications

Featuring automatic retraction which allows you to use the tool with one hand, the NUN 54-A22 can be used with several different jaws to:

  • Cut a variety of conductors (CU 600 kcmil, AL 750 kcmil, ACSR 477 kcmil)
  • Crimp copper conductor (up to 600KCMIL)
  • Crimp aluminum conductor (up to 350 KCMIL)

Cable Cutter NCT 53 A-22

Unmatched cutting performance for aluminum and copper cable

  • Cut CU/AL conductor up to 2" in O.D. 
  • Inline design allows users to reach into applications that larger 12 ton tools struggle to fit into
  • Head swivels 350 degrees to provide access and maneuverability needed to get the job done

Dieless Crimper NCR 60-A22

Work faster with no lost or dropped dies

The NCR 60-A22 offers:

  • Dieless crimping with automatic jaw retraction that returns the tool to an open position once a cut is completed
  • 2-stage crimping ram with 3 ton ram to crimp smaller sizes and 6 ton ram for larger sizes