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Deck Fasteners

Stand-up systems for deck fastening

We have two stand-up systems for fastening decking – one a screw fastening solution and the other a direct fastening solution.

They both include stand-up installation tools and a wide range of collated screws and nails to fasten decking to bar joists, thick and thin steel, HTU, or metal.

Both are designed to speed up installation, to be ergonomic and are alternatives to welding.

stand up decking tool for screws

Screw Fastening System

Our screw fastening system can be used for both sidelap and frame fastening and is designed to be:

  • Ergonomic – with the Hilti SDT there’s little need for bending down
  • Fast to use – the Hilti SDT is mobile, so no need to carry a power supply onto the deck
  • Productive – it works with collated screw strips, designed to work continually with less stopping and starting, helping to save time on the jobsite
  • High loads - it can achieve higher loads compared to single standard #10 screws


See just how fast you can work with the SDT stand-up tool.

How to use the Hilti SDT

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    Getting started

    Getting started with the SDT 5 decking system

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    How to assemble

    How to assemble the SDT 5 decking system

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    How to use

    How to use the SDT 5 decking system

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    SDT 5 decking system - troubleshooting

Another Alternative to Welding - Direct Fastening Systems

Our mechanical screw fastening and direct fastening solutions can attach decking to bar joists of structural steel beams.

  • Designed for fast installation – our stand-up tools, collated screw and nail strips help to save time compared to welding or single screw fastening
  • No need for welding – no fumes, no holes, and you can work in virtually any weather, even if it rains
  • There’s no need for specialists or certified welding skills onsite
  • Avoid the need to bend down during installation – both of our systems use stand-up fastening tools
  • Keep you mobile – there’s no need for external power supplies or to take cables up onto decking, many of our tools are battery-powered or powder-actuated
  • Engineering expertise - our solutions are supported by Hilti engineering expertise onsite, on the phone or online
  • Use Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm design software to calculate loads and fastening patterns – it’s free to use for registered Hilti.comaccount holders
  • Approvals – our steel deck fastening systems have been extensively evaluated by ICC ESR, COLA, FM and UL

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Research and development is at the core of what we do. At Hilti we’ve been creating innovative technologies for more than 75 years since our company was founded.

The Hilti mechanical alternatives to welding - our SDT, DX tools, collated screw strips and nails - are just some of the many innovative technologies that have resulted from this commitment.

We run our own engineering Innovation Centers and conduct more research and tests with partners from industry, leading engineering institutes and universities worldwide.

More than two-thirds of our Hilti staff work directly with our customers every day, all over the world. So we understand the challenges you’re experiencing and what’s needed on the jobsite.

That’s what our R&D is all about – finding solutions to the problems you face. Our commitment is to help you to be safer, more productive and be able to build with more daring.