Introduction to Hilti Firestop

Hilti firestop systems can help save you time, money, and improve life safety

With an array of firestop products, easy-to-use software and services to keep your project on track, Hilti is your universal firestop solution.

Over 30 Years of Expertise

Hilti has over 30 years of experience in providing internationally approved and tested firestop systems. Three decades of experience working with local codes and guidelines has equipped us to help provide solutions on almost any kind of project. 

Hilti is dedicated to providing cutting-edge firestop products, investing in state-of-the-art research, development, testing and production facilities. Across the world, experienced Hilti Firestop engineers test our products in real-world situations. What we do in the lab helps what you do in the field.

Firestop Products

We offer a wide range of Firestop products for many different applications and solutions, tested to the most stringent international standards, such as ASTM and UL.

Firestop caulk

Firestop caulk for construction joints and pipe penetrations

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Firestop sealant

High-performance intumescent firestop sealants and sealant spray

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Firestop sleeves

Pre-formed and easy-to-inspect firestop sleeves for cable penetrations

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Firestop collars

Fire collars for standard and non-standard wall and floor configurations

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Hilti firestop innovation


Firestop preformed solution for sealing edge-of-slab joints - high-speed, no-mess, spray-free installation

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Cast-in for metal deck

On-step cast-in sleeve for metal or plastic pipe penetrations through corrugated metal deck slabs

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Firestop Services

Engineering Judgments

Need a solution for a unique firestop application? Our team of seasoned fire protection specialists can create custom drawings—or Engineering Judgments—based on International Firestop Council (IFC) guidelines.

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Software for Firestop

Our Firestop software makes it easy to plan, install, and maintain Hilti Firestop systems. Designed to compile all of your Firestop installations, Hilti Firestop software covers product selection, design, planning, specification, and documentation.

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Firestop submittals

Generate a firestop submittal in three easy steps