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Introduction to Firestop

A wide range of easy to install firestop solutions

We offer a wide range of firestop products for many different applications and solutions, tested to the most stringent international standards such as ASTM and UL.

Our preformed firestop products can increase your productivity. They come with firestop material already inserted inside, making them easy and fast to install, retrofit and inspect.

contractor installing CFS-EOS Quick Seal firestop at the edge of a building façade

Protecting lives through innovation

Fire protection systems can save lives and contain damage to a building during a fire, and they’re also a code requirement. Passive fire protection systems are designed to impede the spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases in a fire by helping block gaps in walls, ceilings and floors caused by penetrations from pipes, cables and joints in fire-rated areas. 

hilti employee and customer having a discussion on a jobsite

Firestop for contractors

At Hilti we offer a wide range of model code compliant firestop products, design software and technical support. Our Hilti firestop products conform to international fire safety codes and are easy to install and inspect. Many of them are also made out of intumescent materials, which expand during a fire to close up gaps formed when materials melt, minimizing fire damage and providing life safety.

Hilti Firestopping Systems

Hilti team members take great pride in the fact that our red toolbox is instantly recognized at construction sites around the world as a well-respected and quality brand. Hilti’s portfolio of firestop products, combined with a knowledgeable technical services team and innovative software offering, provides the following key attributes: 

a firestop engineer performs a firestop system test in a laboratory

Outstanding Quality

Hilti’s firestop products are tested to the highest standards ensuring that only the best solutions are delivered to market bearing the Hilti name. 

installation of CFS-TTS top track seal with a BX 3 battery operated fastening tool

Simple Installations

Hilti firestop products arrive ready to use on your jobsite. Installation instructions and quick reference videos make the installing process quick and easy. 

a specifier looks at a UL firestop system drawing printout while working on his computer

System Approvals

Hilti provides firestop systems that can be used both locally and nationally in compliance with corresponding codes and regional regulations. 

a display of various Hilti firestop products

Comprehensive Solutions

Hilti provides firestop solutions for a wide range of joints and through penetrations where fire or smoke may try to spread.

Hilti firestop software

Firestop Software

Make design for fire protection systems easier with Hilti software solutions and find which solution can work for your build.

Firestop software overview
Hilti engineering judgements

Engineering Judgements

Count on Hilti to offer proven firestop solutions. Our team of seasoned fire protection specialists will create custom drawings—or Engineering Judgments—based on International Firestop Council (IFC) guidelines.

Request an engineering judgement
firestop submittal generator

Firestop Submittals

Generate a firestop submittal in 3 easy steps with our Firestop Submittal Generator.

Create a firestop submittal