Firestop Solutions For New Penetrations

Firestop code compliance and cost-efficiency

Designing fire-resistant openings in new construction means you can create the optimum solution. With Hilti firestop solutions, you’ll benefit from decades of design experience and laboratory documented product performance. Best of all, our experienced firestop specialists, engineering judgments and documentation systems can help you substantiate every step of the process—from initial concept and design, through code approval and installation documentation.

Create larger opportunities even in smaller openings < 4" diameter.

Cable management needs for individual low-voltage cables or clusters have a way of changing over time. Maximize your firestop planning and documentation with ideas that allow for future expansion—and avoid doubling your design, installation and cleanup costs later. Ask a Hilti firestop specialist for ideas that make sense today and save money over the long haul. 

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Short-term answer. Long-term advantages.

Here’s an easier way to solve for today’s needs, while you protect your options and your investment for the future. The Hilti Speed Sleeve CP 653 is a re-penetrable, easy-to-install cable management device that provides best-in-class performance in electrical and telecom applications at all capacity levels—from 0% through 100%.

  • Extremely low L-Rating [the leakage rating for smoke, toxic gas and the associated spread of infectious diseases]
  • Device does not raise attenuation [signal loss]
  • Use with 16” or 24” surface- or stud-mounted gangplate for wall or floor applications
  • Cables pass through device as a bunch, no flattening required
  • Re-penetration performed on only one side of device
  • Available in 2” and 4” diameter
CFS-SL Gangplate

One installation. Multiple options.

Get firestop flexibility today with even greater productivity tomorrow. The Hilti Firestop Gangplate and matched CFS-SL Gangplate Caps provide an ideal pre-assembled solution for grouping 4” diameter Hilti Cable Management firestop devices.

Available in 16” and 24” lengths for common stud configurations

Integrated smoke seals eliminate the need for additional firestop sealant

Easy stud-mount/surface-mount options suit new construction or renovation projects

Gangplate CAP seals blank ports for future expansion

Stop smoke. Stifle noise.

Provide better in-wall or in-floor isolation, even in non-fire-rated partitions where privacy and noise attenuation are desired. Whether they are partially or fully utilized, Hilti Smoke and Acoustic Sleeve CS-SL SA – available in 2” and 4” diameters – provide superior acoustical performance in a single point of entry for cable additions and changes.

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Protect your cables and your investment.

Satisfy most specification requirements that call for a sleeved cable application, with this quick-and-easy-to-install assembly that gives you re-penetration options for future cable capacity. The Hilti Firestop Sleeve Kit CFS-SL SK is an economical and intuitive solution for properly firestopping new penetrations for single cables and cable bundles through small- to medium-sized openings in walls, ceilings, and floors.

Ready in a hurry.

When simple challenges call for a simple, economical solution with quick and easy installation, the Hilti Firestop Plug CFS-PL is a preformed, non-curing, ready-to-use and reusable intumescent plug for single cables or small bundles. This smoke-resistant and paintable plug is also re-penetrable for future cable additions

Surface-mount sealing conforms to cables.

Where you have the flexibility to use a surface-mounted cable sealing solution—whether in walls or floors—the Hilti Firestop Cable Collar CFS-CC speeds and simplifies initial installation and re-penetration. With no need to prep the opening, this sealant and putty-free collar provides a convenient firestop solution for common cable applications—even problematic, irregularly shaped bundles—without having to cut or chisel around existing cables. It provides up to 100% visual fill [up to 4”] with or without sleeves.

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Hilti Firestop Cable Disc CFS-D

A fast, flexible, pre-formed firestop solution

When you want the quickest and easiest-to-install firestop solution for single cables or small bundles up to 1” in diameter, the pre-formed Hilti Firestop Cable Disc CFS-D 1" is the perfect fit. It installs in less than 10 seconds, and is suitable for new and existing cable penetrations through drywall, concrete or masonry walls or wood floor/ceiling assemblies.

Large Openings

Don’t be intimidated by large-scale firestop applications—regardless of how many penetrations you need to accommodate, or how often they need to be updated. Hilti offers a range of cable management solutions for large [> 4”] openings to accommodate multiple pipes, cables, bundles, cable trays or busways. 

CFS-BL Firestop Block

High traffic areas

Creating firestop conditions across a large opening is one challenge. Accommodating diverse sizes and shapes of penetrations is another. But configuring large firestops that can adapt to frequently changing configurations is the most challenging of all. That’s why Hilti firestop experts designed a versatile, building-block solution for all three scenarios—the intumescent Firestop Block CFS-BL. These non-curing, reusable blocks can be cut to fit custom openings and installed with no mess, special tools or compression required. They can be used in floors or in one-sided installation of wall systems—and for temporary or permanent sealing of single or multiple penetrations up to 12” annular space.

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CP 675 Firestop Board

Moderate traffic areas

Create ready-to-install firestop protection for multiple penetrations—and maintain flexibility for future expansion. Hilti Firestop Board CP 675T cuts cleanly and installs easily—no dust, no fibers and no metal—all without power tools. It allows for easy re-penetration or cable mining from one side of the wall, and it can even be combined with Hilti Firestop Block CFS-BL to assure excellent ratings in atypical configurations. Or, to seal a blank opening, you can simply install an entire sheet.

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Firestop Mortar CP 637

Low traffic areas

When a one-time permanent fire seal of a large opening is all you want, quick-setting fire-resistant Hilti Firestop Mortar CP 637 is all you need. It combines quick and simple mixing with easy cleanup and no shrinkage during the curing process. It’s an economical solution that’s easy-to-handle for use in hard-to-reach applications.

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