Cast-in devices for metal deck CFS-CID MD

Firestop cast-in made simple

Creating an opening to run pipes and conduits is easier than ever with the new Hilti Cast-in Device for Metal Deck. Lose the torch, firewatch, and extra steps - simply place your device on a flat platform and cut deck.

cast-in devices for metal deck make it easy to create an opening to run pipes and conduits

Three easy steps to increase productivity and reduce labor costs

step one - set platform in deck

Step One

Set platform in deck

step two - set device on platform

Step Two

Set device on platform

step three - post-concrete coring

Step Three

Post-concrete coring

Cast-in System Components


  • Material - 20 ga steel galvanized sheet metal
  • Dimensions - 12" L x 7" W
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Base material - W3" and W2" metal floor decking
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Hole Saws

  • Dimensions - OD (size of cut)
  • Quick insert reature
  • Carbide teeth technology
  • Base material - metal
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Guide Sleeves

  • Material - galvanized steel
  • Dimensions 6" H
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  • Dimensions - 450 mm long
  • Quick insert technology
  • Connection end - TE-C (SDS Plus) and TE-Y (SDS Max)
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Hilti firestop cast-in for metal deck vs. standard methods

comparison of Hilti's firestop cast-in for metal deck vs. standard methods
applications for CFS-CID MD cast-in devices


  • Opening creation in corrugated metal deck slabs to run pipes or conduits 
  • Designed to work in composite W3 and W2 floor decks for a wide number of manufacturers 
  • Sealing combustible and non-combustible penetrations 
  • For slab thicknesses from 2.5” up to 6” from top of the deck 
  • Concrete floor assemblies rated up to 3 hours 


  • Peace of mind — cast-in devices help remove scope for errors compared to traditional methods 
  • Creates an opening with the firestop already included — no coming back for firestopping required 
  • Integrated moisture and smoke seal — no additional backfilling required 
  • Steel deck reinforcement or additional shoring may not be needed to support the steel deck as a form during the construction phase 
  • Deck is cut after concrete is cured and unlikely interfere with reinforcement 
  • No need of torches, plasma cutters or core rigs to perform the penetrations