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What is Hilti SafeSet Technology?

OSHA Compliance Designed for Real-Life Jobsite Conditions

Hilti SafeSet Technology is a proven system developed by Hilti to increase safety and productivity during anchor or rebar installation. By automatically cleaning the hole, SafeSet saves you time while ensuring a safe anchoring point.

The SafeSet system is also designed to work on tough jobsites conditions including damp concrete so your jobs doesn't stop because of weather.

Hilti SafeSet Technology

Ensure reliable performance with wide-ranging versatility

You want options for satisfying diverse application conditions, and Hilti SafeSet Technology delivers them as part of an integrated system combining adhesives, anchors and installation methodologies.

●  Multiple setting choices. Tailor anchor-setting work time and full-strength cure time to your unique job requirements and preferences. Slow cure resin epoxy gives installers greater flexibility for high-volume anchor or rebar setting. Two fast cure hybrid adhesivesregular and accelerated—minimize curing time so crews can move on to the next steps of construction as quickly as possible.

●  Multiple anchoring choices. Match rebar, threaded rod anchors or timesaving specialty anchors to your on-the-job anchoring requirements with your preference of appropriate slow cure or fast cure adhesives.

●  Multiple hole-prep choices. Balance the cost and speed of installation against anchoring requirements and anchor volumes with a choice of self-cleaning or no-cleaning hole-prep options.

Save Time

Here are two ways to minimize anchor-setting time on the job site with labor-saving Hilti SafeSet Technology. Either way, you can shorten installation time by as much as 60 percent—without compromising performance.

HY 200 with Hollow Drill Bit and VC 20/40 Vacuum

Clean holes as you drill with Hilti Hollow Drill Bits TE-CD (SDS Plus) or TE-YD (SDS Max) attached to the a Hilti concrete dust vacuum and eliminate six manual steps. Just drill the hole, insert the adhesive and set your rebar or threaded anchor.

HIT-HY 200 SafeSet system with HIT-Z rods

No Cleaning

Skip hole cleaning altogether when you choose Hilti Anchor Rod HIT-Z performance. Simply drill, insert the adhesive, then install the HIT-Z anchor.

Cut Costs

Make your work crews more productive by using Hilti SafeSet Technology options to eliminate time-consuming hole-cleaning steps. The more anchors they install, the more you’ll save.

Protect yourself against the cost of improperly installed anchors, too, as shown in the video above, regardless of which combination of Hilti SafeSet™ Technology adhesives, anchors and installation methodologies you choose. Even your least-experienced installers can satisfy industry standards and approvals across a variety of challenging applications—cracked and uncracked concrete, lightweight concrete and seismic conditions. 

Solidify your choice

Consult the Adhesive Anchor Selector Chart for a more thorough breakdown of hole-cleaning options by anchor type and adhesive, or contact the Hilti Customer Service team with specific questions.