Fast Chemical Anchor Installation with SafeSet

Replace manual hole cleaning for up to 60 percent faster chemical anchor installations

Hilti SafeSet is a proven system that, when used correctly, helps ensure fast and reliable installation every time. By automatically cleaning the hole, SafeSet can save you up to 60 percent of the installation time.

We also designed SafeSet to work in damp concrete because wet jobsite conditions shouldn't stop construction.

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How does Hilti SafeSet work?

Hilti SafeSet

At Hilti, we believe in making installation simple, so we've provided three easy methods you can use to help you get the job done:

  • The non-SafeSet, or traditional method, of 2 blow, 2 brush, 2 blow
  • The SafeSet Hollow Drill Bit method of automatic cleaning
  • The SafeSet HIT-Z Rod method of no cleaning at all

Traditional Method

2 blow, 2 brush, 2 blow

What do you need?

  • Wire brush
  • Air compressor

What is the 2 Blow, 2 Brush, 2 Blow method?

For Hilti, this traditional method can be used across all epoxy and hybrid chemical anchors. However, the process takes time to complete, which can slow down the job.

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Hilti SafeSet Method

Hollow Drill Bit with Automatic Cleaning

What do you need?

  • Hollow Drill Bit (TE-YD or TE-CD)
  • Hilti Vacuum 150 series or larger

What is the Hilti SafeSet cleaning method?

Hilti SafeSet requires both a Hilti Hollow Drill Bit and a properly sized Hilti Vacuum to automatically clean the hole as you drill so you can save time by skipping manual brushing.

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HIT-Z Rod with no cleaning

What do you need?

  • Hilti HIT-Z Rod
  • Hilti HIT-HY 200 R or HIT-HY 200 A

What is the HIT-Z method?

With the HIT-Z Rod you don’t have to worry about cleaning the hole due to the innovative design of the cone shaped end combined with HIT HY-200R or HIY HY-200A.

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See it in action

How to use the Hilti SafeSet Hollow Drill Bit and HIT-Z Rod

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