Hilti SafeSet Installation

Reduce installation time up to 60%

Hilti SafeSet is a proven system that helps to ensure faster and more reliable installation every time. By automatically cleaning the hole, SafeSet can save you up to 60% on installation time, while helping to limit dust caused by drilling and cleaning holes by up to 90%. SafeSet is also designed to work in damp concrete, making the toughest of jobsite conditions work for you.

Why choose Hilti SafeSet

Save time

Eliminate six manual steps in the installation process by cleaning holes as you drill them. With SafeSet, your installation time is reduced by at least 36 minutes per hour.

No cleaning

Up to 70% of performance is lost when holes are not properly cleaned –  considerably reducing the reliability of your installations. SafeSet makes cleaning simpler, which means less room for error.

Save money

With a faster installation, SafeSet can help increase your productivity by up to 45%.

Hilti SafeSet vs. the traditional method


The SafeSet is a proven system that automatically cleans the hole as you drill. When used correctly, SafeSet can help save on installation time while limiting the operator's exposure to silica dust.

What do you need?

Conventional Method

The traditional, manual method can be used with epoxy and hybrid chemical anchors. With multiple steps - blow twice, brush twice, blow twice - the process can be time consuming and leave room for error.

What do you need?

  • Conventional bit
  • Wire Brush
  • Air Compressor

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HIT-HY 200-R

Hybrid adhesive for rebar and heavy-duty anchoring

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HIT-RE 500 V3

Resin epoxy adhesive for rebar and heavy-duty anchoring

Shop HIT-RE 500 V3

HIT-HY 100

Hybrid adhesive for anchoring in concrete

Shop HIT-HY 100

HIT-RE 100

Resin epoxy for anchoring in concrete

Shop HIT-RE 100

Hollow drill bit

Ultimate SDS Plus (TE-C) and SDS Max (TE-Y) hammer drill bits

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Ultimate-performance anchor rod

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