Rod Hanging Anchors

Cast-in-place or post-installed, Hilti offers you more versatility, flexibility and productivity. And when you pair Hilti anchors with specially matched installation tools and accessories, efficiency is multiplied with every anchor point you install. 

The cast-in-place problem solver

Hilti's Kwik Cast cast-in-place anchors are uniquely designed to address everyday pain points faced by MEP contractors. These innovative cast-in-place anchors help prevent concrete from compromising the threads, reduce the risk of being knocked over, and improve the ease of installation via the new stand up setting tool.

Hilti’s cast-in-anchors are perfect for your overhead pipe hanging applications, bringing speed and efficiency to the process. Installing anchors prior to the concrete pour allows you to install the overhead pipe hanging supports much quicker. Hilti’s full portfolio of cast-in anchors has you covered for wood form work and metal deck projects as well as a new innovative push-to-connect solution.


Kwik HUS Screw Anchors


The more overhead threaded rod hangers you need to install, the more you'll come to appreciate the ultimate performance screw anchor with a threaded rod receptacle built into the extended hex-shaped drive head. It works with an American National Standards Institute-tolerance drill bit, so there is no need for special close-tolerance bits. And its coarse thread design means little to no hammering and quick drawdown for significant time savings compared to conventional anchors. All that, plus superior holding, makes the KWIK HUS-EZ I a simple and efficient choice. 



Turn to the Hilti KH-EZ E when the application calls for an externally-threaded screw-in anchor to hold rod hangers.  Reduced drilling demands and hammer-free installation combine to deliver significant time savings when compared with conventional anchoring systems, and the optimal thread design of the KH-EZ E gives it excellent holding power in a wide range of piping and electrical installations. The KH-EZ E is especially designed for close-to-ceiling applications, does not require special bits for installation and is an ideal solution for applications requiring an ICC-ES report for cracked concrete and seismic loading


Kwik HUS-EZ PM and PL

For those applications where a washer and anchor are typically needed, reach for the Hilti pan head screw anchors KH-EZ PM and KH-EZ PL. These medium (PM) and large (PL) pan head screws help eliminate fumbling with multiple components to anchor during installment, along with providing an oversized washer head to fasten a multitude of fixtures to concrete or grout-filled CMU. With the Torx pattern built into the head design for quick and easy installation, the KH-EZ PM and PL screw anchors are manufactured with perceptive design to fit into tight spaces effortlessly.

Kwik HUS-EZ PM and PL


KWIK HUS-EZ offers one solution for every zone: cracked concrete, uncracked concrete, concrete over metal deck and grout-filled CMU blocks in seismic and non-seismic zones.  KWIK HUS-EZ is a reliable, easy-to-set and fully-removable fastening solution with a comprehensive cracked concrete and seismic ICC-ES approved portfolio from 1/4" to 3/4" and an ICC-ES approval pending for grout filled CMU blocks.


HDI Drop-in Anchors

Hilti HDI+, HDI-P and HDI-P TZ drop-in anchors with automatic setting tool take productivity and reliability to the next level. For rod hanging applications in post-tension slabs, hollow core panels and precast planks, this innovative rod hanging system offers productivity-based advantages to installers. No overhead hammering is required, while drilling and setting with one tool increases productivity by almost 50%.

The Hilti HDI-P TZ is the top-rated anchor for applications requiring cracked concrete and seismic approval when minimal concrete embedment is allowed. Requiring just 3/4" of concrete embedment, this anchor is ideal for concrete slabs with post-tensioned cable. 


Automatic setting tools for HDI anchors have an integrated SDS Plus (TE-C) stop hammer drill bit.

HDI-P TZ Auto Setting Tool HDI-P Auto Setting Tool HDI + Auto Setting Tool

Kwik Bolt Wedge Anchors

From the ultimate performing KB-TZ2, to your everyday seismic stud anchor KB1, the Hilti Kwik Bolt stud anchor portfolio offers the best balance of performance and price available.

Kwik Bolt TZ2 Kwik Bolt 1 All wedge anchors

Hilti’s AT module allows you to more easily install the KB-TZ2 and KB1 anchors into concrete without a torque wrench. This add-on module also documents the number of fastenings so you can easily provide documentation to the inspector that shows the anchors were pre-tensioned properly.

AT Module