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As global leaders in chemical anchoring systems, Hilti has provided threaded rod for anchoring applications in base materials such as concrete and masonry for many years.

Hilti anchor rods

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As your partner, we offer a broad portfolio of high quality off-the-shelf and custom cut-to-length anchor rods that, in conjunction with the Hilti injectable mortars and adhesive capsules, provide reliable and high-performing fastening points and help enable the installer to complete chemical anchoring applications efficiently, hassle-free, without compromising the budget.

Pre-cut Anchor Rods

Features and Benefits

  • A wide variety of materials including hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel

• Broad range of sizes from 1/4 in. to 2 ½ in. diameter and up to 144 in. length

• All carbon steel HAS anchor rods fully comply with ASTM F1554

• Compatible nuts and washers with matching steel grade and thread tolerances included for reliable performance

• Head marking for easy identification of steel grade

• Chamfered ends, ensuring easy threading of the nut

• Free of oil and other contamination for highest performance with Hilti adhesive anchors

Pre-Cut Anchor Rods
Hilti Anchor Rod Offering

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Save time with SafeSet

  • HIT-Z Rods

    HIT-Z, the "zero-cleaning" rod

    Our Hilti HIT-Z anchor, rods with a cone-shaped helix design, is designed specifically for saving time and labor with SafeSet Technology installation. With the Hilti HIT-Z anchor rod, you can skip the hole-cleaning process and go right from drilling the hole to inserting the adhesive and setting and anchor. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

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    Hilti hollow drill bit

    SafeSet for HAS anchor rods

    There is also an option to use SafeSet Technology for all Hilti HAS anchor rods that are installed in conjunction with Hilti HY 200 or Hilti RE 500-V3 adhesive. The innovative Hilti SafeSet™ system with the hollow drill bit removes concrete dust as you drill, and thereby eliminates a half-dozen hole-cleaning steps. That's enough to reduce the time for installation labor by up to 60 percent as compared to traditional methods.

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