Kwik Bolt Wedge Anchors

New ultimate performance KB-TZ2 wedge anchor — designed to make design easier

Because every project brings different challenges, Hilti engineers keep you ahead of the curve. With the new KB-TZ2 wedge anchor, Hilti provides you with a simple anchor solution for more applications and site conditions than any other expansion anchor on the market.

The KB-TZ2 is available now for specifications in PROFIS Engineering, and for purchase starting March 1, 2021.

The introduction of the new KB-TZ2 wedge anchor means the existing KB-TZ wedge anchor will be phased out in 2021. Easily transition your current anchor designs and create future anchor designs through our PROFIS Engineering design software suite.

New Kwik Bolt Wedge Anchor Portfolio

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Why choose KB-TZ2 wedge anchor

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  • Tension: 20% Increase in tension capacities compared to KB-TZ portfolio
  • Diamond Core Approvals: First wedge anchor on the market with diamond core approvals
  • Embedment Depths: Increase in embedment depths to provide installation in the thinnest of slabs
  • Installation: Integration with the Adaptive Torque Module helps ensure proper pretension
  • Portfolio Versatility: First ¼ inch diameter cracked concrete seismic approved anchor, increase in diameters and lengths to better provide the perfect sized anchor for the application
  • Edge & Spacing: Reduced edge and spacing requirements to provide more design flexibility

Utilize KB-TZ2 wedge anchors in more applications than ever before

  • Diamond cored holes

    Active renovation jobsites have specific requirements for contractors and engineers to help minimize the impact on surrounding occupied spaces. KB-TZ2 has been designed and approved by International Code Council (ICC) for installation in diamond cored holes, helping to eliminate the reliance on epoxy or through-bolt anchors.

  • Seismic bracing

    KB-TZ2 offers a maximum allowable pipe horizontal load that is up to 142% higher than the NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation Sprinkler Systems tables. By utilizing the KB-TZ2, contractors can now increase span distances between braces, reducing the amount of overall braces on the project. The end result – less material and lower labor costs.

  • Structural baseplate

    The design of the new KB-TZ2 has allowed for up to a 20% increase in tension loads, which can provide greater performance than previous expansion anchors. The KB-TZ2 has an expanded portfolio of diameters and lengths so engineers can choose the perfect sized anchor for their application.

  • Ledger angle

    With higher tension loads and approvals for minimal embedment depths, engineers and contractors now have the ability to install ledger angles using smaller anchors at shallower embedment depths.

  • Racking baseplate

    KB-TZ2’s higher tension loads and additional embedment depths per diameter provide options to decrease the number of anchors per baseplate, allow for shallower embedments, or reduce the diameter of the anchors. This means a reduction of labor and material costs.

  • Handrail / Balcony baseplate

    Slabs are getting thinner while handrail and balcony baseplates are moving closer to the edge. With KB-TZ2, using an expansion anchor in a thin slab is now possible with the additional shallow embedment depths covered by ICC approvals. Achieve minimum edge and spacing thanks to specialized coatings on the KB-TZ2 that also reduce the expansion forces in the system.