Kwik Bolt TZ

Ultimate performance expansion anchor

How do we take the best and make it better? By listening to our customers! 

Over ten years ago, Hilti set unprecedented standards for designers and contractors alike with the Kwik Bolt-TZ — the first expansion anchor designed for structural seismic applications. And because our customers need the same high performance and maximum reliability for multiple base materials and newer construction methods, Hilti has now expanded its applications to include thin slab and grout-filled CMU base materials. 

Kwik Bolt-TZ now delivers expanded performance, versatility, and safety in design by providing the best combination of embedment depths, base materials, loads, and edge and space distances in the market. Teamed up with PROFIS software, the Kwik Bolt-TZ is the ultimate mechanical anchoring solution.


  • Expanded testing allows for the shortest embedments and thinnest slabs for any stud anchor
  • Approval for use in top of steel deck profiles with 2-1/4" topping thickness
  • New ICC ESR-3785


  • Mechanical and electrical support systems
  • Attachment of equipment to top of slabs
  • Anchoring to grout-filled masonry blocks


  • 3/8" diameter: 1-1/2" and 2-3/4" embedments added
  • 3/4" diameter: 3-1/4" embedment added
  • Installations in slabs as thin as 2-1/2"
  • One premium product for both concrete and grout-filled masonry allows for simplicity and continuity on the market
  • The only wedge anchor that can be used in the thinnest concrete over metal deck slabs available on the market