Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 100

High-speed productivity for dry, uncracked concrete.

For routine applications, you want a reliable solution—and the best possible value. Hilti Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 100 has a 5-minute working time and a 30-minute cure time at 68oF for higher productivity and ICC approval in dry, uncracked concrete. When you want to standardize to one SKU for the majority of day-to-day applications, HIT-HY 100 is the go-to adhesive anchor.

A versatile choice

Hilti Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 100 works with a range of complete anchor systems—including rebar, HIT-V rods, HAS-E rods and HIS inserts in a wide range of diameters. It’s ideal for anchoring light structural steel connection, such as columns or beams, as well as post-installed rebar.

A workable choice

Hilti Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 100 is tested for installation in a concrete temperature range of +14º F to +104º F.

A comfortable choice

Thanks to its low-odor and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content, Hilti Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 100 is less likely to be disruptive in occupied spaces and other continuous indoor uses.

An all-around better choice

Hilti Adhesive Anchor HIT-HY 100 is designed to work with existing Hilti manual—and battery-actuated dispensers so you get easy, accurate results from the tools you might already own. Plus, it delivers reliable fastening with the traditional 2x2x2 hole-cleaning method.