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HAC Cast-In Anchor Channel

A systematic approach to innovative anchoring.

Get on track for next-generation performance

By design, fully integrated systems are typically preferable to discrete components. That’s the idea behind the Hilti HAC Cast-In Anchor Channel system, which is qualified to leading industry standards.

Streamline your specification and help ensure a quality installation with a multipoint anchoring system in a single assembly—cast as an integral part of the structure. And don’t worry about the fixed positioning compromising versatility. The HAC anchor channel design delivers omnidirectional load performance—with the flexibility to space anchor bolts as needed in the field.

Approved performance in ALL directions

HAC Anchor Channel

Handle the load, at any angle.

Concerned about load performance? Consider these HAC qualifications:

  • Specified under ESR-3520, the first and only International Code Council Evaluation Service report for anchor channel systems accommodating all load directions, including seismic design categories A through F
  • Meets AC232 requirements, the state-of-the-art standard for cast-in channel design
  • Qualified for normal weight concrete as well as lightweight and sand-lightweight concrete

On track for efficient design and installation

HAC Hilti Anchor Channel

Easy to specify. Easy to install. Easy to get.

While physics and building codes are part of our everyday focus, we realize that your work concerns extend beyond load forces and dimensions. So we addressed your concerns about installation efficiency as well as performance strength.

Even when you can’t supervise the installation process, the built-in conveniences of HAC anchor channel design help you assure the quality of your finished installation. Notice how our V-form channel minimizes the formation of air pockets or concrete voids beneath the channel and distributes loads smoothly. And observe how our durable tear-out foam strip delivers fast, clean, tool-free removal of concrete overlap that won’t compromise the channel’s protective galvanized coating.

You’ll appreciate our procurement flexibility and convenience, too. While HAC anchor channels come in flush-to-floor, front-of-slab and corner-of-slab installation styles, one T-bolt type mates with multiple types of channel fixtures to simplify inventory tracking for both ordering and installation. 

HAC anchor channel features

  • hac end cap
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    End Caps

    New type of protective foam insert (LDPE) and end caps seal the channel effectively, helping to prevent concrete slurry entering the channel.

  • hac V-form
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    Innovative V-form

    Innovative V-form allows smoother load distribution around the channel profile and helps prevent air pockets and concrete void underneath the channel.

  • hac channel markings
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    Markings on the inside and outside of the channel enable an easy identification of the channel size and the production lot number even after the concrete is poured.

  • hac foam insert
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    Foam insert

    Foam insert features a tear-out strip for trouble-free removal (avoids damage to the galvanization through use of screw drivers, hammers or gas torches)