Reduce Wait Time with Hybrid Adhesive Anchors

Cure fast for optimized productivity

 A hybrid adhesive (HY) anchor is a two part chemical anchor that is designed to cure fast so you can load the fastening point earlier than you could with an epoxy anchor.

We want to make you and your jobsite safer and more productive which is why each of our core hybrid adhesive anchors is designed to work with our SafeSet system. This system delivers faster installation speeds and increased safety by automatically cleaning the holes out while you drill.

Features and Benefits of Hybrid Adhesive Anchors

No dust. No problem.

We know you need to be OSHA 1926.1153 Table 1 compliant which is why Hilti designs all of our hybrid adhesive anchors to work with a variety of dust control methods that work, even on damp jobsites. 

Learn more about OSHA silica dust standards

Temperatures rise and fall

Sometimes it takes longer than 1-3 minutes to install a rod or rebar. Concrete gets hot when temperatures rise in the summer, and Hybrid Adhesives harden faster which can make usability difficult.

Hilti's HY-200 R is designed to give you superior working time so you can install the rod or rebar before it cures.

Coring is still model code compliant

Anchor holes sometimes need to be diamond cored, and Hilti's HIT-HY 200 A and HIT-HY 200 R with roughening tool are the only ICC-ESR approved Hybrid Adhesives approved for cored holes in cracked concrete applications. 

Hilti Hybrid Adhesive Anchors

Adhesive Anchor HY 200

Consistent performance whether wet or dry

You shouldn't have to worry about wet or dry concrete when you install. At Hilti we believe the performance of our anchors should remain constant in both conditions,  which is why we designed our HIT-HY 200 A and R to take no load reductions when the concrete gets wet. 

Learn more about HY 200A/HY 200R Buy hybrid adhesive anchor HY 200 A Buy hybrid adhesive anchor HY 200 R

Flexibility in a variety of temperature conditions

The weather can change drastically from season to season. Hilti believes you should get the best performance in every temperature which is what the HIT-HY 200-A and HIT-HY 200-R are designed to do. 

The HIT HY 200-R is designed to give you time to work when your base material is heating up in the summer, and the HIT HY 200-A cures fast in the colder winter temperatures

Installation Methods

Hole Preparation:

Installation Base Materials:

  • Cracked and Un-Cracked Concrete
  • Grout Filled Concrete Block

Base Material Conditions:

  • Dry Concrete
  • Saturated Concrete
  • Water Filled Hole

Adhesive Anchor HY 100

Everyday Standard Hybrid Adhesive

Hilti's back-to-basics Hybrid Adhesive provides a reliable, everyday solution for your needs. Our HIT HY 100 adhesive has the ICC approvals for both cracked and un-cracked concrete, covering all of your bases.

Learn more about HIT-HY 100 Buy hybrid adhesive anchor HIT-HY 100

Never Sacrifice Productivity

You should never have to sacrifice productivity when you use our standard adhesives. We designed our HIT-HY 100 adhesive to work in the same premium dispenser and Safeset system that our HIT-HY 200 does.

Installation Methods

Hole Preparation:

Installation Base Materials:

  • Cracked and Un-Cracked Concrete
  • Grout Filled Concrete Block

Base Material Conditions:

  • Dry Concrete
  • Saturated Concrete

Adhesive Anchor HY 270

For More than just concrete

Sometimes fastening needs to be conducted in base materials other than concrete. The HIT-HY 270 can be used in for masonry walls, hollow brick, glass hand rail installation and more, while delivering high performance and added productivity when used with our Safeset system. 

Learn more about HY 270 Buy hybrid adhesive anchor HY 270

Simple Installation Systems

Anchoring into hollow material can be tough, but with our HIT-SC and HIT-HY 270, installation is simple. At Hilti our goal is to make jobsites safer and more productive, and with the screen tube, you can have both.

Installation Methods

Hole Preparation:

Installation Base Materials:

  • Hollow Concrete
  • Hollow Brick
  • Hollow Core Concrete
  • Grout Filled CMU
  • Solid Brick
  • Multi Wythe Solid Brick
  • Glass Handrail

Base Material Conditions:

  • Dry
  • Saturated

Anchor Rods & Elements

Don't forget about the threaded rods for your anchoring applications

Your anchoring job takes more than just the Hybrid Adhesives. Finish your application with Hilti's line of high performing anchor rods.


Anchor 40% faster

Gain the best possible adhesive anchor performance in as little as 40 percent of the time with Hilti SafeSet™ Technology by reducing installation time, cut your installed cost per anchor, and help minimize risks due to improper installation.

  • Reduce hole cleaning behavior
  • Help avoid hidden risks

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