Hilti vs. DeWalt Chemical Anchors

Hilti: The Clear Winner

High performing adhesives in hot or cold temperatures

Temperatures can change from day-to-day and even hour-to-hour, which can impact the performance of your anchor.

That's why Hilti offers you the flexibility to choose your adhesive anchor based on the jobsite climate, with more working time to set the anchor properly and faster cure times to move the job along. 

Choose the adhesive that is right for you: 

  • Adhesive anchor HIT RE 500 V3 provides faster cure time down to 23°F
  • Adhesive anchor HIT HY 200-R provides more working time at 90°F
  • Adhesive anchor HIT HY 200-A provides faster cure time at 14°F

Stay productive in any climate

A little rain on the jobsite can shut down your job for days. Hilti knows performance matters in any climate ⁠— Hilti adhesive anchors perform in both wet and dry conditions. 

Hilti adhesive anchor HIT-HY 200 maintains load capacity in wet concrete compared to DeWalt AC200+, which takes a load reduction in wet concrete. 

Take the guesswork out of dispensers

Adhesive anchors come in many different product lines and sizes depending on the application. To simplify the purchase and installation process, Hilti has a straightforward adhesive and dispenser selection, unlike DeWalt with 8 different dispensers.

Hilti adhesive dispensers:

  • Most adhesives work in the same dispenser
  • Battery dispenser HDE 500-A22 with dosage meter and automatic backup feature to prevent dripping

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