Cordless Chemical Dispenser for Adhesive Anchors

The cordless chemical dispenser HDE 500-A22 can help you reduce wasted adhesive and save money

At Hilti, we believe installing chemical anchors should be easy, simple, and cost effective – which is why we created our cordless chemical dispenser.

Adhesive Anchors

A wide range of chemical anchor fasteners, our injectable resin epoxy and hybrid adhesive anchors are also designed for rebar applications and can be used on concrete and masonry.

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Anchor Rods and Elements

Don't forget about the threaded rods for your anchor applications. Your anchoring job takes more than just the adhesives. Finish your application with Hilti's line of high performing anchor rods.

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Hilti SafeSet System

Gain the best possible adhesive anchor performance in as little as 40 percent of the time with Hilti SafeSet™ Technology by reducing installation time, cut your installed cost per anchor, and help minimize risks due to improper installation.

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