High performing anchor rods and elements

The decisive connection between adhesives and your fastening point

Hilti offers a broad portfolio of high quality, ready to use off-the-shelf, and custom cut-to-length anchor rods. In conjunction with the Hilti injectable mortars and adhesive capsules, our threaded rods help provide reliable fastening points and help enable the installer to complete chemical anchoring applications efficiently, virtually hassle-free, and without compromising budget.

Anchor Rods and Elements

Pre-cut anchor Rods

Pre-cut anchor rods

As global leaders in chemical anchoring systems, Hilti has provided threaded rod for anchoring applications in base materials such as concrete and masonry for many years.

A wide variety of sizes and materials of pre-cut anchor rods for your applications are readily available off-the-shelf in our many Hilti locations.

  • Most relevant carbon steel HAS anchor rods fully comply with ASTM F1554
  • Compatible nuts and washers with matching steel grade and thread tolerances included for reliable performance
  • Head marking for easy identification of steel grade
  • Chamfered ends, ensuring easy threading of the nut
  • Free of oil and other contamination for highest performance with Hilti adhesive anchors



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Cut-to-length Anchor Rods

cut-to-length anchor rods

Looking for specific rods that aren't on our shelves? Don't worry, Hilti offers a “cut-to-length” (CTL) service for custom-made anchor rods. Select from 8 material types, diameters up to 2-1/2” and anchor rod lengths up to 144” (12 ft). Just let us know what you need and we’ll have your custom solution anchor rods in the same high quality like the off-the-shelf rods delivered to you within a typical leadtime of 2-4 working days.



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Anchor Rod HIT-Z “zero cleaning”

HIT-Z anchor rods

The Hilti HIT-Z anchor rods with a cone-shaped helix design are specifically made for maximum performance and time savings with our SafeSet Technology installation.

With the Hilti HIT-Z anchor rod, you can skip the hole-cleaning process and go right from drilling the hole to inserting the adhesive and setting the anchor, which saves up to 60% of installation time. It doesn't get any faster and simpler than that.


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Internally threaded rods

Internally threaded inserts

Hilti's internally threaded rods are designed to be used with a variety of Hilti's injectable adhesives and capsule systems in concrete and masonry base materials, and provide a reliable and reusable flush fastening point for bolts and threaded rods.



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Chemical Adhesive Anchors

Epoxy and Hybrid adhesive anchors designed for performance

From our Hybrid to our Resin Epoxies, our ahdesives are designed to work on real-life jobsites and in tough conditions. We know concrete gets wet, installation temperatures vary, and fast drilling and hole cleaning make a difference in your productivity.

chemical adhesive anchors


Anchor 40% faster

Gain the best possible adhesive anchor performance in as little as 40 percent of the time with Hilti SafeSet™ Technology by reducing installation time, cut your installed cost per anchor, and help minimize risks due to improper installation.

  • Reduce hole cleaning behavior
  • Help avoid hidden risks

Additional Technical Resources

PROFIS Engineering

PROFIS Engineering

Our cloud-based anchor design software enables automatic and advanced calculating, easy specifying and integrated BIM modeling - increasing productivity and improving value.

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Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator

Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator

The Hilti Adhesive Anchor Volume Calculator allows you to compare product options, and even modify your calculations based on the specific installation conditions at your job site.

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Anchor Design Center

Anchor Design Center

The anchor design center contains resources for all your concrete anchoring applications from white papers, approvals/reports, technical data, submittals, CAD details, and case studies.

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Ask Hilti

Ask Hilti

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