High End Optical Layout Training

How to Use Hilti Total Stations and Layout Systems

Our Hilti training includes theoretical and practical training to make the most of and gain more expertise in using our:

  • Hilti POS 18 Mechanical Total Station
  • Hilti POS 180/150 Robotic Total Station
  • Hilti PLT 300 Layout System
  • Hilti PROFIS Layout Office, AutoCAD/Revit point creation software

Why Take The Course

We’ve designed the training for contractors and designers of all experience levels. Trainings are flexible and based on your experience level, and can be focused on the tool, product or software you want to understand more about. You can also be trained on an hourly basis or take a full-day course. Our Hilti trainers are experienced, certified and work onsite with our customers, every day, all over the world.

What is the content of the training

  • Principles of layout
  • What are optical and layout tools used for
  • How to operate optical and layout tools
  • How to perform various layout applications
  • How to import or export plans and point files
  • How to create points, lines, offsets directly on data collector
  • How to manage projects using PROFIS Software/point creation software for AutoCAD and Revit, including:

   -Cleaning complex files 

   -Creating points in single, block and multimode

   -Importing and exporting jobsite data

   -COGO, area, and dimension functions

   -Drawing and sketching functionality

What are the key takeaways from the training

  • Improving your expertise to use optical and layout tools onsite and in the office
  • Improving your expertise with software, point creation and data analysis
  • Customized training based on your needs
  • Helps to use optical and layout tools productively, accurately and efficiently

Training Details

Target Group: Contractors, Foreman, Installers, Engineers, and Designers

Trades: General Contractors, MEP Contractors, Steel Fabricators & Erectors, Industrial & Civil Contractors and Diamond Pro Contractions/Scanning service providers.

Number of participants: Up to 5 (recommended)

Duration: Varies from 1 hour till full day

Location: Onsite, at your office, or at Hilti Store upon request

How to sign up for training

Contact your local Hilti team for more details. Find out how to sign up for your own customized training or join a group training session near you.