Tool Trade-In Program

Valid January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Purchase or Fleet a new Hilti tool (listed below), then turn in your old, comparable Hilti tool, regardless of condition, and receive a consumable credit (trade-in) voucher (CCV).

Hilti Tool Trade-In Program

Move up to Tool Fleet management

Fleet a new Hilti tool (listed below), then turn in your old, comparable Hilti or competitor tool, regardless of condition, and receive a consumable credit voucher (CCV).

Valid January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021.

Trading in your Tools

Tool Trade-In Eligibility

  • Traded in tool must be comparable to the new tool purchased or added to a Fleet agreement
  • Competitor tools (Fleet offer only) and Hilti tools (Fleet or purchase offers)
  • Working or broken
Level CCV Value
Tool family purchases
1 $75

DX 2, PX transpointers, PD distance tools, PM pocket lasers, POL optical, Corded TE 2, TE 3, Corded circular and reciprocating saws, DGH 130, Cordless 22v tool bodies (AG 4S, AG 500, GDG 6, SR 4, SR 6, SF, SID, SIW, SD, SBT, SFBT SL, CD, HDE, WSR, SJ, SCW, SCM, SB, TE 2, VC 75)

2 $150

Gas saws, Medium corded and cordless rotary hammers (TE 4 to TE 7), Cordless 36v tool bodies (TE 6, SC 60, AG 600, SR 30), DCH electric cutters, DX tools*, SDT 5 and 9, DWS 225, band files, tube belt sanders, burnishers, power shears, nibblers, rivet tool

3 $250

Vacuums*, DD-WMS 100, Corded and cordless combihammers (TE 30 - TE 80), Corded and cordless breakers (TE 300 to TE 3000), DG 150, DGH 150, Diamond core rigs (DD 110 to DD 250), PR rotating lasers, PM 30-MG, PM 40-MG, hydraulic cutters, crimpers, pipe press, and knock out tools, GX tools, BX 3, BX 3-ME, DX 860, DX 9, P8000D Pneumatic Dispenser

4 $1000

Ferroscans, PMD 200, PS 1000s, Total Stations, PLT 300s,PLC 400, Large core rigs (DD 350-CA to DD 500-CA), wire saws, wall saws

* Exceptions: VC 75 ($75), DX 2 ($75), DX 860 ($250), DX 9 ($250).

Trading in your old tool

1. Call 1-800-879-8000 (U.S.) or 1-800-363-4458 (Canada).

2. Purchase a qualifying tool.

3. Receive a pre-paid shipping label via e-mail or fax from Hilti.

4. Box up trade-in tool and affix pre-paid shipping label.

5. Give packaged trade-in tool to your shipper.

6. Consumable credit (trade-in) voucher will be issued once Hilti receives your qualifying trade-in tool.


Using your Consumer Credit Voucher (CCV)

  • You will receive one trade-in voucher via email for all qualifying tools traded in
  • Place a new consumable order with Hilti
  • Give your consumable credit (trade-in) voucher number to your Hilti representative at time of consumable purchase
Using consumer credit vouchers (CCV)
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  • 20 year limited warranty
  • 2 year wear & tear
  • 1 day turnaround guaranteed**
**Some restrictions apply. Contact Hilti for details.
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  • Tool upgrades
  • Endless wear & tear
  • Theft coverage
  • Loaner tools

Consumables are items intended for one-time use; to be installed and remain on a project; or as inserts attached to a power tool output shaft. 

Offer valid from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021 through Customer Service, Hilti Stores, or Account Managers. Terms are subject to change and prices do not include tax or shipping. Hilti may cancel offers at any time without notice. Offers only apply to purchases direct from Hilti. May not be combined with any other offer (including tool combos that include consumable items). See your Hilti representative for details. This offer is not available to resellers. Offers void where prohibited by law, regulation, or customer rules and only available while supplies last. Separate orders may not be combined to reach qualifying CCV value levels. Past orders do not qualify. 

Trade-in offer is only valid for Hilti customers with a credit-approved account in good standing. Voucher is non-transferable and has no cash value. Trade-in tool must be received within 30 days of purchase/fleet. Voucher must be applied to new Hilti consumable purchase (cannot be applied to previous purchases) within 90 days of issue, and is void thereafter. Terms and conditions for consumable credit vouchers are found at for US customers and for Canadian customers.