CP 606 Flexible Firestop Sealant

The Drywaller's preferred choice for sealant

Hilti's CP 606 sealant is designed to help protect buldings from fire and save lives.  A paintable, acrylic based firestop sealant, CP 606 is used in sealing penetrations in curtain wall joints, and in linear joints between walls and floors.  Easy installation make this the drywaller's preferred choice for sealant. 

CP 606 Sealant
  • Color Variety - Hilti's CP 606 sealant comes in three different colors (red, white, and gray)
  • Flexible -  the elastomeric design allows for movement capability 
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant -provides high resistance to mold and mildew as per ASTM G21