Dust Compliant doweling and anchoring starter combos

Table 1 compliant with OSHA 1926.1153 silica dust standard, save when you purchase SafeSet starter combos

SafeSet packages include:


  • Active Torque Control (ATC) stops the motor almost instantly if the bit binds and the housing begins to rotate too quickly; helping prevent injury and tool damage
  • Ideal for drilling holes in concrete and masonry for heavy-duty anchors from 3/4" - 1-3/4" in diameter. Maximum drilling range is from 1/2" - 6". Also excellent for breaching and demolition with pointed and flat chisels

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Hollow drill bits TE-YD

TE-YD hollow drill bit
  • Enables drilling and hole cleaning in one step
  • Connection end: TE-Y (SDS-Max)
  • Base material: reinforced concrete, concrete

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Jobsite vacuum VC 150-10 X

VC 150-10x vacuum
  • Universal wet and dry vacuum with automatic filter cleaning for consistently high suction performance
  • Rated voltage: 120 V
  • Suction capacity: 152 ft3/min
  • 150 CFM suction

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cordless adhesive dispenser HDE 500-A22

HDE 500-A18
  • Injection of Hilti HIT adhesive for fastening anchor rods and rebar in concrete and masonry.
  • Accepts both 11.1 oz (330 ml) and 16.9 oz (500 ml) cartridges
  • Fast, easy foil pack loading
  • Dose adjustment knob for accurate, controlled dispensing

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Lithium ion batteries B 22/2.6 Li-ion

B-22 batteries
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Battery charge status display: Yes
  • Cordless Power Care - CPC: Yes

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high speed battery charger C 4/36-90 115V

C 4/36 charger
  • Designed to help protect batteries from low voltage and adverse charging conditions
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.7 X 4.8 X 2.8 in
  • Control: Electronic charging control

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Packages include 40 tubes of either fast- or slow-cure adhesive anchors

hy 200-r

Fast-cure adhesive anchor HY 200-R

40 tubes

  • Suitable for use in cracked and uncracked concrete with all anchor rods and rebar

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re 500-v3

Slow-cure adhesive anchor HIT RE 500 V3

40 tubes

  • Fastest cure of any epoxy product; fully curing at 6.5 hours at 72 degrees fahrenheit
  • Suitable for use in cracked and uncracked concrete with all anchoring elements
  • Seismic approval for use in seismic applications

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Learn how SafeSet technology has revolutionized adhesive anchoring

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Fast-cure adhesive anchoring

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Slow-cure adhesive anchoring

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