Cordless Combihammer TE 30-A36

Unprecedented power. Unmatched performance. Zero cords.

If you’ve tried drilling ¾” holes 8” deep with a cordless rotary hammer drill, you know you can’t ask a cordless rotary hammer to do a combihammer’s job. And now, you don’t have to. Introducing the world’s first cordless combihammer: the revolutionary Hilti Cordless Combihammer TE 30-A36. It drills large-diameter holes with the speed of corded tools two classes larger—with all of the portability and productivity of a cordless tool.


More applications

  • Drill electrical through penetrations
  • Chip concrete for plumbing drains
  • Drill for concrete application sets
  • Drill multiple holes for kicker plates


Better performance

  • Battery, motor and transmission designed for faster drilling into concrete
  • Chips like a corded tool two classes larger
  • Electropneumatic hammering mechanism for increased speed and impact energy
  • 6.0 ah, 36 volt battery delivers twice the energy of comparable tools


Tougher than ever

  • Brushless motor for high efficiency and longer tool life
  • Glass fiber housing and hammering mechanism for cooler operation and longer tool life
  • Highly conductive hammering mechanism, gear and motor for maximum performance in tougher materials

User Reviews

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    "It's efficient, it's not heavy, and it's easy to operate."

  • alt text

    "We had to buy a second one because the guys fell in love with it. It saves so much time; we had to have two."

  • alt text

    "The demonstration was so good. I thought, 'I have to give this a shot'."


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