Metal working Solutions

Tools for professional metal grinding, finishing, and polishing

Hilti's range of tools, inserts, and services for metal grinding, cutting and finishing offer you a complete cordless solution. Whether for professional metalworking applications in carbon and stainless steel and brass or for copper, titanium and other exotic metals, Hilti has you covered.

The Hilti range of cordless tools for metal fabrication.

Whatever your material, we have a solution for you

Metal cutting

Metal Cutting

Specialized tools and blades for circular and reciprocating saws provide long life and fast cutting in metal for light to heavy demolition work.

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Drilling in metal

Metal Drilling

Metal drilling tools that are fast, powerful and function with complete confidence.

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Grinding metal

Metal Grinding

Our angle grinders for metal include brushless motors, electronic brakes and keyless quick-change flanges to make your daily work easier.

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Finishing metal

Metal Finishing

Lightweight and highly flexible, these tools meet the demand for burnishing, filing and finishing in metal and stainless steel.

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The AG 4S-A22 raises the bar for speed and handling

Whether cutting rebar, tubes and sheets or deburring, surface cleaning and removing welds, it takes a steady grip to get a satisfactory result. The slim, light and balanced AG 4S-A22 grinder is designed to sit firmly in your hand – giving you the responsive handling you need. 

The new AG 4S-A22 gives control to work anywhere

Discover the key features for metal fabrication


270° of surface contact

Achieve the perfect linear finish quickly, with the most contact area in a cordless belt sander

The 270-degree contact area gives a large surface coverage letting you easily work on large round stock. This provides you with fast and even abrasion to better ensure high quality grinding, finishing or polishing.

The choice of sanding belts for rough and fine grinding, and non-woven belts for surface finishing on curved surfaces helps to offer control you need to achieve the perfect finish for your application.

GTB 6X-A22 gives 270 degrees of  surface coverage

unlock your potential

The band file GFB 6X-A22 unlocks your potential and delivers big performance

Offering the kind of performance you would expect from a larger tool, the GFB 6X-A22 is a compact cordless band file for grinding, burnishing and deburring in tight or difficult to reach spaces.

With the choice of four tool arms, 6 step-speed control and sanding belts for finishing as well as rough and fine grinding, you won't be disappointed by the comfortable handling, ergonomics and improved control.


GFB 6X-A22 For working in tight spaces

Banish your pneumatic Burnisher

Create a linear finish on ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the cordless burnisher GPB 6X-A22

The GPB 6X-A22 uses an inflatable air roller system with sanding sleeves in all standard grit sizes and with non-woven sleeves for metal finishing applications.

With a 6-speed selectable speed dial and exceptional ergonomics, you'll experience smooth handling and achieve the perfect finish on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The GPB-6X-A22 gives you high performance for metal and INOX steel

Metal Finishing Accessories

Abrasives Discs

Find out how our abrasive discs are designed for high productivity and a long lifetime when cutting, grinding and polishing metal

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Metal Grinding Abrasives

Find out how our broad selection of abrasive bands, sleeves and drums are ideal for rough to fine grinding and polishing on many stainless steel and metal shapes with the highest quality, ease and comfort

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Reciprocating Saw Blades

Find out how our reciprocating saw blades are designed for speed when coarse-cutting wood, metal, masonry and PVC

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Band Saw Blades

Find out how our band saw blades are designed for safer operation when cutting metal, stainless steel and threaded rods

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Circular Saw Blades

Find out how our circular saw blades are designed for longevity and precision when cutting wood, wood composites and metal

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Metal & Wood Drill Bits

Find out how our metal and wood drill bits are optimized for drilling in wood and metal

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