Hammer drilling technology

Our bits are designed to give you the highest performance from your cordless tools

Using the right drill bit in your cordless tool is an efficient and effective way to increase your productivity. With a full carbide head and helix designed to drill in concrete, brick, and masonry, our inserts and cordless tools perform together as a true system. 

Hammer drilling

Hammer drill bits for optimized performance in reinforced concrete

TE-CX Hammer drill bits are ideal for drilling into conrete with rebar and deliver:

  • Energy saving cutting edge design
  • Quadruple helix with optimum head connection for quick dust removal
  • X-head four cutting edges design for fast drilling

Up to 30% more work per charge with CX drill bits for concrete

We have drilling inserts for virtually every application

Premium hammer drill bits

Available in SDS-Plus and SDS-Max for precise drilling in concrete with rebar and designed with a solid carbide head for less wear and more drilling.

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Standard hammer drill bits

Offering SDS-Plus and SDS-Max for fast hole drilling with an optimized tip geometry for longer lifetime.

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Hollow drill bits

Available in SDS-Plus and SDS-Max for fast hole drilling for structural connections and simultaneous hole cleaning for consistent anchor setting. 

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Services to keep you performing

Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Our service offerings help you avoid these additional costs and keep you working.