Battery technology

Advanced power tool batteries with new cell technology that works as hard as you do

When you need to drive your business forward, choose the latest battery technology from Hilti. The electronics in our tool batteries are sealed against moisture and dust, while a glass-fiber housing means these powerful batteries are up to four times more impact-resistant than standard plastic casings and twice as resistant to extreme temperatures.

Available in 12V, 22V and 36V platforms, Hilti batteries give you the flexibility to choose the power and run-time you need to meet the demands of your job.

Hilti batteries work as hard as you do

The next step in cell technology

New high-energy 21700 cells increase battery run-time and tool performance

We continually improve the performance of our power tool batteries, and that's why we are introducing the new B12 4.0, B22 4.0 and B22 8.0 batteries which use larger and more efficient cell technology to increase runtime.

Holding over 50% more energy, they deliver more power while running cooler, decreasing power lost while working. The result is an increase in tool performance and reduced downtime – which equals much more work-per-charge.

Evolution of Hilti's battery technology

What are the advantages of the new cell technology?

Hilti batteries have a glass-fiber housing to achieve 4 x greater impact resistance vs. plastic housings

Increased runtime

New cell technology increases the amount of power stored, while reducing the amount of power lost. This means your tools will run for a longer time in even the most demanding jobs.

Hilti battery chargers cool the battery whilst charging to increase the speed for each recharge cycle

Higher Performance

Delivering more power, the new cells mean that your tools can work harder for you.  These cells allow you to do more continuous work without interruption.

Hilti batteries use the latest technology to increase runtime by up to 80% compared to other batteries.

Works in extreme temperatures

The new Li-ion cells work down to -4⁰ F (-20⁰ C) and up to 120⁰ F (49⁰ C).  Even in extreme temepratures, Hilti warranty covers wear and tear for 2 years or 3 years on our Fleet Management program.

Best batteries and service in the business

Delivering the performance you want

Our batteries have a very long life and thanks to Hilti design, engineering and services, sealed electronics controls each cell during charging and use, to maintain productivity across a single battery platform. 

Wear and tear coverage for batteries is included, every time.

  • No charge for Fleet Management for 3 years for batteries, tools, and charger repair or replacement.  No charge for 2 years for batteries, tools, and charger repair or replacement.   
  •  No charge for shipping, parts or labor. 
 Best batteries and service in the business
Hilti warranty

2 year wear and tear coverage

Up to 2 years no cost, including labor costs, faulty parts (subject to wear and tear), pick-up and delivery.

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Fleet Management

Fleet Management

With HIlti Fleet Management we help manage your tools, so you can manage your business.

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ON!Track asset management tells you exactly what equipment you have, where it is and who is using it.

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Hilti Connect

Hilti Connect

Hilti Connect App brings hassle-free tool services to your fingertips.

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