Cordless Screwdrivers

Precision control to get the job done

Hilti cordless screwdrivers are designed to be powerful and rugged, yet precise and ergonomic. These screw drivers are designed to provide construction professionals with great performance and excellent runtime in a lightweight tool. All our cordless screwdrivers come with Hilti's Lithium Cordless Power Care (CPC) system which features electronic battery management for extra-long lifetime and an impact-resistant battery casing for high drop resistance.

Our drywall screwdrivers come with a claw clutch for serial feeding of screws and all our cordless screwdriver come with fast-charging, long-lasting batteries. Combine these features with our tool’s outstanding ergonomics and this makes Hilti cordless screwdrivers the screw driver of choice for professionals who work in areas where space is limited and where precision control is critical.

Testimonials about the cordless screwdriver SD 4500-A18

Real Hilti users talk about the SD 4500-A18 cordless screwdriver

Customers like the battery life, durability, speed, ease of use, and productivity gains they get with this screw driver.

Cordless Screwdriver ST 1800-A22

The Hilti ST 1800-A22 cordless screwdriver with adjustable torque features a compact design with short in-line grip for single-handed operation and better balance. It has a lock-on button for continuous operation and excellent ergonomics to reduce user fatigue. It’s high battery capacity and short charging times reduces downtime and increases your productivity.

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Cordless Screwdriver SFD 2-A

The Hilti SFD 2-A Cordless Screwdriver is designed to reduced noise while providing reliable fastening performance. The SFD 2-A is the ideal solution for working in occupied spaces because of its quiet 15 position torque clutch that gives professionals more control and rubber side contact points for protection of the work surface when the base material needs to be protected. It also features ultra-bright LEDs for fewer shadows, outstanding ergonomics for all-day comfort, and an ultra-compact design making it easy to use wherever space is limited.

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Cordless Drywall Screwdriver SD 4500-A22

The Hilti SD 4500-A22 cordless drywall screwdriver features 4500 rpm for the performance of a corded tool and the maneuverability of cordless. Its 22V Li-ion battery provides outstanding run time. It’s comfort and safety are also second to none with its innovative directional venting that helps prevent drywall dust from blowing into the operator’s face.

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Hilti Tool Warranty

Hilti cordless hammer drills are covered by our 20/2/1 Tool Warranty which consists of 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts, 2-year no-cost repair of damage due to wear and tear, and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs*.

*Some exceptions apply.


See the Hilti Tool Warranty page for details