Cordless Impact Wrenches

High torque impact wrenches that deliver powerful performance & cordless productivity

Hilti cordless impact wrenches are the choice of professionals who need a lightweight tool with a compact design without sacrificing power and effectiveness.

Install anchors and tighten bolts with the same powerful torque in both reverse and forward drive mode. Hilti cordless impact wrenches have a high efficiency hammer mechanism with outstanding ergonomics and balance.

Cordless impact wrench, SIW 6AT-A22

Cordless impact wrench portfolio

  • SIW 9-A22 3/4"

    The cordless impact wrench SIW 9-A22 produces torque outputs of up to 598 ft/lb, which is more than enough muscle and performance for heavy-duty bolting and anchoring in steel, concrete and wood. Combine with the user-friendly E-spring to fit impact sockets in one step, and the built-in LED light provides direct illumination of the work surface. The new double hammer gearbox technology reduces vibration, increases operator productivity and optimizes the tool's performance and lifetime.

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  • SIW 6AT-A22

    The compact design of the SIW 6AT-A22 allows it to reach into tight spaces, and the high-efficiency brushless motor means the tool lasts longer and gets more work done per charge. The SIW 6AT-A22 is an ICC-ES approved installation method and pairs with the SI-AT-A22 Adaptive Torque module, which pushes live data from the tool to help install each anchor for necessary pre-tension. Once the install of the Hilti stud anchor is complete, the tool provides confirmation via a green light indicator, display notification, and audible sound.

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  • SIW 22T-A 1/2"

    The power class 22V cordless high-torque impact wrench SIW 22T-A has a 1/2" ball detent pin connection end and durable anvil for demanding applications in the steel, metal and wood structural trades. It features a compact design with excellent balance for precise handling, and comes with a ½" square drive with heavy-duty ball-notch retention for security and quick socket changing. It has a rubber cap for comfortable handling and protection of the working surface. It’s great for driving screw anchors in concrete and for assembling steel profiles, timber or pre-cast concrete components.

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  • SIW 22-A 3/8" cordless impact wrench

    SIW 22-A 3/8"

    The compact class 22V cordless impact wrench SIW 22-A has a 3/8" friction ring connection end, and three-speed gearing for reliable anchoring and bolting in non-structural trades. It features a high-efficiency brushless motor for long life and more work per charge. It has three gears and electronic speed control for easy switching between different driving speeds and torques. It also comes with variable electronic speed control and motor brake for precise starting and stopping. It’s great for driving screw anchors in concrete and masonry.

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Additional accessories

Accessories designed for demanding applications

E-Spring (for 3/4" impact socket), Safetypin for 3/4" impact sockets (alternative to pin&ring)

Hilti E-Springs

A through hole fixation helps ensure big sockets stay on the anvil, eliminating hazards for other workers on the jobsite. With the new Hilti E-Spring, through-hole socket fixation can be done in one step, increasing productivity by reducing downtime.  

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AT Module SI-AT-A22

A small, very light interface module which fits in between the impact wrench and battery. This ICC-ES approved installation method pushes live data from the SIW-6AT-A22 to help install each anchor for the necessary pre-tension.

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SI S 1/2" long impact socket

Deep and shallow 1/2" drive sockets

Hilti offers a wide variety of 1/2" drive impact rated sockets in both deep and shallow sizes.

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Set Selector

Whether you’re equipping your team for an upcoming project or just adding a new cordless tool, we’ve made it easier to make sure you get exactly what you need.  

The Set Selector configurator lets you choose any combination of tools from our cordless portfolio, providing recommendations for batteries, chargers and inserts.

Set Selector lets you choose the tools in your kit