Cordless Circular Saws

Portable cutting power and performance in wood or metal

Hilti cordless circular saws offer excellent performance in a robust package for a variety of metal and wood cutting applications. Our cordless circular saw SCW 18-A can tackle wood cutting applications in plywood and dimensional lumber, and the metal cutting saw SCM 18-A is designed for cutting ferrous metal such as rebar, strut, conduit, grating, and sheet metal. These saws have innovations that provides high safety and productivity such as cold cut technology that can reduce the heat transferred to the base material while cutting, significantly reducing the number of sparks and improving jobsite safety.


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The SCM 18-A cordless circular saw from Hilti delivers fast, smooth cuts for most metal cutting applications

The tool, combined with Hilti blades, cuts everyday materials like strut, threaded rod, and rebar, plus the system will take on demanding applications like back-to-back strut or thick steel with ease. Cut more metal and move around the jobsite with more freedom with this durable saw.

Cordless Circular Saw SCW 22-A for Wood

Cordless Circular Saw SCW 22-A for Wood

The Hilti SCW 22-A is our 22V cordless circular saw featuring low weight yet impressive cutting performance for a tool of its size. The saw provides more work per charge and smoother operation compared to other saws this size. It has easy-to-read markings and easy adjustments and is designed to cut wood and plastic. It’s perfect for general construction applications such as cutting formwork boards, OSB, plywood, chipboard, plastics, rafters and battens. It’s also great for interior finishing applications like cutting drywall board, MDF and HDF.

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Cordless Circular Saw SCM 22-A for Metal

Cordless Circular Saw SCM 22-A for Metal

The Hilti SCM 22-A cordless circular saw is for cold metal cutting and features an optimized tool and blade system allowing for easy transitions from thick to thin material cutting. It comes with our cold cutting technology for increased productivity, and clear and bright vision pane for better line of sight. It also has ultra-bright LED lights to provide better visibility of work surface. This saw is designed for cutting ferrous metal such as rebar, strut, all-thread rod, conduit, angle iron, steel, grating, checker plate, metal deck, siding, sheet metal, joists and flat steel.

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 DSH 700-X hand-held gas saw

The Hilti DSH 700-X hand-held gas saw with easy-starting 70 cc engine and automatic choke is great for cutting asphalt, concrete, brick, curbstone, steel sheets and pipes to depths of up to 5 inches (125 mm).

Hilti Tool Warranty

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Hilti cordless hammer drills are covered by our 20/2/1 Tool Warranty which consists of 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts, 2-year no-cost repair of damage due to wear and tear, and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs*.

*Some exceptions apply.


See the Hilti Tool Warranty page for details