Battery power meets corded performance

36V Batteries

High-capacity 36V Li-ion batteries deliver corded power to cordless tools and provide the markets best run-time for demanding applications like drilling large holes in concrete, demolition work, and cutting or grinding metal.

36V batteries, chargers, and tools

Ultimate in performance. Ultimate in run-time.

36v Cordless Tool Portfolio

Cordless breaker/demolition hammer TE 500-A36

Cordless Breaker TE 500-A36

World's first cordless wall breaker for chiseling in concrete and masonry, with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR).

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Cordless Reciprocating Saw, SR 30-A36

Cordless Reciprocating Saw SR 30-A36

36V cordless reciprocating saw with the highest power and ergonomic design needed for heavy demolition.

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Cordless Rotary Hammer TE 6-A36

Powerful D-grip 36V cordless rotary hammer with superior concrete drilling and chipping performance.

Shop the TE 6-A36

Cordless Rotary Hammer TE 30-A36

Powerful SDS Plus (TE-C) cordless rotary hammer for heavy-duty concrete drilling and corrective chiseling.

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TE 60-A36

Cordless Hammer Drill TE 60-A36

High-performance cordless SDS Max combihammer with Active Vibration Reduction and Active Torque Control for heavy-duty drilling and chiseling in concrete.

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Cordless Circular Saw SC 60W-A36

Best cordless solution for high-torque cutting through wood.

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TE 300-A36

Cordless Breaker TE 300-A36

Light SDS Plus (TE-C) cordless wall breaker for surface corrections on concrete and masonry.

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AG 600-A36

Cordless Angle Grinder AG 600-A36

Powerful 36V cordless angle grinder (brushless) for cutting and grinding with discs up to 6".

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Set Selector

Whether you’re equipping your team for an upcoming project or just adding a new cordless tool, we’ve made it easier to make sure you get exactly what you need.  

The Set Selector configurator lets you choose any combination of tools from our cordless portfolio, providing recommendations for batteries, chargers and inserts.

Set Selector lets you choose the tools in your kit