Versatile cordless caulking dispenser

The CD 4-A22 gives you control when dispensing sealants and adhesives

Also known as a caulking gun, the CD 4-A22 cordless caulking dispenser is easy to load and easy to use so you can control the dispense speed and flow rate for smooth application and minimal waste. Available in two versions for working with both plastic cartridges and foil packs. 

Introducing the Hilti cordless caulking gun, CD 4-A22

Suitable for a broad range of applications

Sealing expansion joints

Sealing expansion joints

Sealing against smoke

Firestop application

Acoustic sealing

Smoke and acoustic sealing

Easy to use with minimal material waste, the CD 4-A22 BOOSTS YOUR PRODUCTIVITY

Flow Control

Variable flow control

With a 6-speed dial and variable control trigger you can manage material flow rate according to viscosity for both high volume applications and precision work. 

High dispensing force

High dispensing force

Packing 1,120 lbs of force, the CD 4-A22 makes easy work of dispensing high viscosity material while increasing user comfort and productivity. 

Interchangeable carriages

Interchangeable carriages

Available with interchangeable carriages for 20 oz  (600 ml) and 10 oz (310 ml) cartridges, you can use the CD 4‐A22 with a wide range of sealants and adhesives.

Material management

Material management

The combination of flow control and high dispensing force helps you to use nearly most if not all of the sealant while reducing overspill or waste.

CD 4-A22 caulking gun for dispensing single component sealants and adhesives

Reducing waste and giving you control

As the range of caulking uses grows from sealants and adhesives to firestop, so does the need for efficient dispensers that eliminate the mess and give you more control.

Don't waste time cleaning up overspill, the CD 4-A22 delivers controlled precision and cordless flexibility. Combined with the power of the B22v 2.6 Ah battery, this dispenser is light weight and keeps you charged up to work all day. 

Ease of use for firestop 

The extremely precise control of the CD 4-A22 make it the ideal tool for sealing top-of-wall and bottom-of-wall joints against fire and smoke and leaving a clean attractive finish. Additional specifications like acoustics or joint movement can be achieved with the right choice of Hilti firestop product. 



Cd 4-A22 has two interchangeable assembly sets for maximum flexibility

Long assembly set for CD 4-A22 caulking gun

Barrel CD 4 long assembly set

The long assembly set includes an allen key and screw for easy attachment to the CD 4-A22 for dispensing 20 oz (600 ml) material in foil packs. 

Shop the barrel CD 4 long assembly set
Short assembly set for CD 4-A22

Cartridge CD 4 short assembly set

The short assembly set includes an allen key and screw for easy attachment to the CD 4-A22 for dispensing 10 oz (310 ml) material in plastic cartridges. 

Shop the cartridge CD 4 short assembly set
B 22/3.0 Li-ion battery pack

Compact 22V 2.6 Ah Li-ion battery pack

Includes fully sealed electronics for increased protection against dust, humidity and water and up to 20% longer running time than other compact batteries.

Shop the B22 2.6 Ah Li-ion battery pack


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Services to keep you performing

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Set Selector lets you choose the tools in your kit


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