Cordless Tools

Cordless tools engineered for maximum performance

Tight margins and skilled labor shortages mean that you must make every hour on the jobsite count.  Cordless tools deliver the power and agility to get more done in less time – helping your business grow.

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Construction worker on windmill using a Hilti cordless impact wrench


Cordless Rivet Tool, RT 6-A22

Cordless Rivet Tools

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Cordless Rotary Hammers SDS-Plus

Cordless Rotary Hammers SDS-Plus

Shop the SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers
Cordless Rotary Hammers SDS-Max

Cordless Rotary Hammers SDS-Max

Shop the SDS-Max Rotary Hammers
Cordless Demolition Hammers

Cordless Breakers/Demolition Hammers

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Cordless Drill Drivers & Screw Anchors

Cordless Drill Drivers

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Cordless Screwdrivers

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Cordless Impact Drivers & Wrenches

Cordless Impact Drivers & Wrenches

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Cordless circular saws, SC 60W-A36

Cordless Jig Saws, Band Saws, Circular Saws & Reciprocating Saws

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Cordless cut-out tool SCO 6-A22

Cordless Cut-Out Tools

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Cordless Grinders

Cordless Angle Grinders

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cordless fastening tools

Cordless Fastening Tools

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cordless press tool NPR 32

Cordless Press Tools

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Cordless Hydraulic Cutters & Crimpers

Cordless Hydraulic Cutters & Crimpers

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cordless measuring tools

Cordless Measuring Tools

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Cordless Adhesive Dispenser - HDE 500-A22

Cordless Adhesive Dispenser

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Cordless caulking dispenser CD 4-A22

Cordless Caulk dispenser

View cordless caulk dispenser
Cordless Dust Management & Vacuums

Cordless Vacuums

View cordless vacuum
Cordless Jobsite Lights & Radios

Cordless Jobsite Lights

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Batteries & Chargers

Batteries & Chargers

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accessories for cordless tools

Accessories for Cordless Tools

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Set Selector

Whether you’re equipping your team for an upcoming project or just adding a new cordless tool, we’ve made it easier to make sure you get exactly what you need.  

The Set Selector configurator lets you choose any combination of tools from our cordless portfolio, providing recommendations for batteries, chargers and inserts.

Set Selector lets you choose the tools in your kit


Services to keep you performing

Unforeseen or hidden factors like lost or damaged tools and repair costs can lead to serious productivity issues on the jobsite.

Our service offerings help you avoid these additional costs and keep you working.

Services to keep you performing