A versatile intumescent firestop sealant is just the start.

When you’re looking for intumescent fire protection caulking, you want a total solution—one that takes you from design specification to installation and approval in the shortest time with the least effort. Hilti firestop specialists have done all the work of developing and packaging that total solution for you.

It starts with our Firestop Design Center resources and our Firestop Submittal Generator, includes our manual and pneumatic sealant dispensers for smooth FS-ONE MAX sealant application, and extends all the way to our complete Firestop Documentation Management software system.

You’ll save time, cost, and effort by applying the entire range of Hilti firestop protection engineering services to your job, while you install the best firestop protection in your construction. 

Explore the convenience of the Hilti Firestop Design Center

Accelerate approvals with the Hilti Firestop Submittal Generator

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Install FS-ONE MAX with confidence

Choose the optimum dispenser and accessories for your fire caulking application from the chart below.

Ordering Name Item Number CP 606 FS-ONE CFS-SP WB CFS-S SIL GG CFS-S SIL SL
Bulk firestop dispenser CD 600-B 423363 X X   X  
Dispenser CS-CG-2400/2300 24825 X X   X  
Firestop system plastic label 3450661 X X   X X
Foil dispenser, pneumatic 3489906 X X   X  
Foil dispenser nozzles 220139 X X   X X
Foil dispenser replacement nut 334548 X X   X  
Foil pack dispenser manual CS 270-P1 24669 X X   X X
Follow plate 3024002 X X   X  
Mineral wool (4 pcf) (46" x 24" x 4") 236993   X X    
Speed plug CP 777 1-1/2" 371925     X    
Speed plug CP 777 2" 340998     X    
Speed plug CP 777 3" 340999     X    
Speed strips CP 767 2" 1 hour 374507     X    
Speed strips CP 767 2" 2 hour 374508     X    
Speed strips CP 767 4" 1 hour 374505     X    
Speed strips CP 767 4" 2 hour 374506     X    
Tube dispenser CFS-DISP 2005843 X X     X