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Diamond Core Drill Accessories

Greater support for diamond core drilling performance.

Maximize precision, productivity, and performance in diamond coring applications with a variety of job-matched and tool-matched Hilti diamond core drill accessories.

Based on collaboration with users in the field, Hilti diamond coring specialists have added dozens of diamond core drill accessories to support the entire process—from setup to cleanup—and help your diamond core drill operators: 

  • Simplify connections. Make diamond core drill bit connections quickly and easily with a wide range of chucks and chuck adapters to crossfit a variety of direct-connect and quick-connect mounting styles—BI, BL, BS, BR, BU, etc.
  • Assure drilling stability. Choose among a variety of anchor mount and vacuum mount drill stands and base plates to stabilize precise diamond core drill positioning.
  • Satisfy safety concerns. Help protect workers with Hilti diamond core drill accessories, including safety glasses and rig-mounted wheels that minimize operator strain when repositioning diamond core drills. 
  • Support clean operation. Add diamond core drill accessories for dust removal or for water-feed and collection in dry-cutting and wet-cutting applications.
  • Accelerate productivity. Choose from a variety of spacers, depth gauges, sharpening aids, jack screws, feed handles and other diamond core drill accessories that help work crews be more precise and more productive on the job.

Ordering Name Item Number DD 110-W DD EC-1 DD 120 DD 150-U DD 160 DD 200 DD 350 DD 500
Adapter BL/BS/BR 305910             X  
Anchor Drill Stand DD-ST 160 SFL 435664         X      
Chuck adaptor BL to BU 282989           X X  
Chuck DD-BL DD 200 282987               X
Chuck DD-BS DD 200 305904               X
Column extension set DD-HD30-XT 305537           X X X
Combination drill stand DD-ST 160 CTL 435663         X      
Core rig adaptor BI+ to BS 1-1/4"-7 373419     X   X      
DD-HD XT30 rail guide extension 285296           X X X
DD-ST 150-U CTL DD 150 motor drill stand 435666       X        
Depth gauge DD-HD 30-ES 305535           X X  
Drilling stand DD-CR 1 376281   X            
Drill stand 28" DD 120 352164     X          
Drill stand 33" DD 120 335896     X          
Drill stand DD-HD DD 200 305534           X X X
Dry dust removal head DD 110-W 315826 X              
Filter DD REC-1 377255   X            
Jack screw DD 150 DD-ST-150/160-JC 2007686       X X      
Jack screw DD-HD 30-SL 305940           X X X
Large sharpening stone 51343 X X X X X X X X
Laser hole center DD-ST HCL 2048481     X X X X X X
Overhead water supply assembly DD 150 2024444       X        
Pipe vacuum baseplate DD-HD30-VBPP 305944           X X X
Portable water supply tank 10 liter 365595 X X X X X X X X
Roto rail assembly DD 150 2006373       X X      
Safety glasses PP EY-GU C HC/AF clear 2065445 X X X X X X X X
Safety glasses PP EY-GU G HC-AF grey 2065446 X X X X X X X X
Sharpening plate DC-SE SP2 314303   X            
Spacer DD-HD30-SP 305539           X X X
Three spoke feed handle DD-HW-3A 2007687       X X      
Two spoke feed handle DD 120 332023     X          
Two speek feed handle DD-HW-2A 2007688       X X      
Vacuum baseplate DD-HD30-VBP 305538           X X X
Vacuum baseplate DD-ST-VBP DD 120/160 2027859     X   X      
Vacuum pump DD VP-U 120V 408998   X X X X X X X
Water collector system DD-WMK-BI 2040915     X X X      
Water collector system DD-WMK-BL 2040916           X X X
Water flow indicator DD-WFI 305969 X   X   X X X X
Wheel assembly DD-BW 232228       X X      
Wheel set DD-HD30-W 305541           X X X
Baseplate DD-HD30-SBP 237307               X
Bit Rings (6 pack) 9802             X X
Kwik-lok starter set 5/8" 3001940               X
Kwik-lok 1/2' set complete 3449393               X
Kwik-lok starter set 1/2' - DD 120 3449028               X
Depth gauge DD-HD30-ES 305535               X
Adapter DD-DP 406985               X
Adapter DD 300 - DD 500 421846               X


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