The go-to adhesive for just about anything you need anchored.

Hilti Epoxy Anchors HIT-HY 200R and HIT-HY 200-A are solid choices for practically any anchoring application.

They handle multiple challenges—including cracked concrete and seismic conditions—and satisfy industry approvals. To learn more, check out the Adhesive Anchor Selector Chart.

Plus, as part of the Hilti SafeSet™ Technology solution, they can help you boost productivity up to 60 percent. 

Gel/Full Cure Time (Approximate)

Gel/Full Cure Time Table (Approximate)

Installation Equipment Guide

Installation Equipment Guide

* Table data taken from 2018 IFU. Please check the lastest version. 

Self-cleaning productivity with rebar.

Install rebar up to 60 percent faster with the Hilti Hollow Drill Bit, which vacuums dust from the hole as you drill. Then, cut the installation process from nine steps to three—and boost productivity on jobs using Hilti Epoxy Anchor HIT-HY 200. 

HY 200 with Hollow Drill Bit and VC 20/40 Vacuum

No-cleaning convenience with Anchor Rod HIT-Z.

For the simplest, quickest solution, nothing beats Hilti Epoxy Anchor HIT-HY 200 with Hilti Anchor Rod HIT-Z. Save six steps in hole cleaning and preparation—and work up to 60 percent faster.

HY 200 with HIT-Z anchors