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Torque Bar for Wedge Anchor KWIK BOLT® 3

Gain an edge in the installation of KWIK BOLT® 3.

torque bar for kwik bolt 3 wedge anchors

If you like the physical performance of Hilti KWIK BOLT® 3 wedge anchors, you’re going to love how quickly and efficiently you can install them with the Torque Bar S-TB. It provides the perfect leverage to create more compact and cleaner-looking baseplate installations for railings, racks, structural steel, signs and more.

Four ways to get the edge

  • Save on baseplate footprint size and materials thanks to minimum edge distance and installation spacing.
  • Save effort by using a Hilti SIW 18-A impact driver both to set the anchor and tighten the nut.
  • Save time with complete one-step wedge anchor installation and tightening in about four to six seconds.
  • Save with automated efficiency by letting the S-TB Torque Bar deliver the ideal tightening torque every time. No separate calibrated torque wrench required.

Watch your productivity soar with the power of KB3

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