Stay productive on the jobsite

We'll help keep your jobsites moving as you rebuild and recover

Clean tools, clean hands and safe distancing are essential for your crew’s well-being. With routine tool cleaning and maintenance, you also help to extend a tool's lifespan, prevent unexpected downtime and help reduce safety hazards.

Hilti offers many solutions that support reducing person-to-person contact, while helping you remain productive on the jobsite. Additionally, our teams are ready to help consult with you on ways to improve safety and productivity on your projects.


Keep your teams healthy and increase productivity.

Construction safety protocols are being rapidly updated and we need adapt to new hygiene guidelines, maintain social distancing on jobsites and stay productive.

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Staying competitive and adapting your business

It’s challenging to meet deadlines with less staff and resources.

It’s challenging to meet deadlines with less staff and resources, and new approaches are needed to reduce or spread costs across all departments. This is an opportunity to investigate new technologies and different working methods, and to implement more digitalization.

Adapting your business

Adjusting to new design trends

Quick, accurate and cost-effective design is key.

Whether you are looking for the latest construction trends and solutions, keeping yourself up to date with relevant codes and regulations or want to specify the most optimum and safe solution for your project while maintaining a high level of productivity, we can help you.

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General support

We're here to help

We're here for you during these difficult times and are fully committed to support your business.

How to contact Hilti

Hilti Online

Visit to place orders, view order history, get product information,  arrange tool repairs, and more.

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Our Engineering Community

Ask questions, learn through webinars and keep yourself updated with technical articles.

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Delivery Services

Our delivery services will go on as usual: Standard Delivery, Hilti Online Delivery, Repair pickup and return delivery.

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Tool Service Repair

For the most efficient and reliable way to process your repairs, call Customer Service at 1-800-879-8000, 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.CDT, Monday - Friday or anytime digitally on and through the Hilti Connect App.

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Reconditioned Tools

Take advantage of our thoroughly inspected and refurbished selection of reconditioned tools, backed by the same 20-2-1 warranty as all new Hilti tools.

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Safety measures

Hilti has adopted strict adherence to safety and health standards and regulations issued by WHO and local health authorities.

Proper disinfecting and sanitization of surface areas and objects as guided by your local authorities.

Strict hygiene measures with regular handwashing and use of hand sanitizers.

Hilti's COVID-19 Response

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    Your work within construction is essential to the fabric of our nation. And while so many of us are experiencing mandates to work from home, jobsites remain open at many locations. We remain fully operational to support you. And, we remain fluid to adapting to change along with you. We are here to assist you with timely completion of your jobs while working to help ensure the overall safety of both workers and the finished structure.

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