Request a repair

How to request a repair for your Fleet tools

Watch this short video to find out more

How to request a repair for one of your tools on hilti.xx

1. Log in at

Click on ‘Login or register’, enter your Hilti credentials and click on ‘Login’.

Log in at

2. Request a repair

While in your dashboard, in the ‘My Tool Management’ section, click on ‘Repair Tools’.

Request a repair

3. Select tool(s) for repair

Select the relevant tool(s) then click on ‘Repair’. You can select single tool or multiple tools at the same time.

Request a repair

4. Complete repair request

On the right, please specify the type of breakdown.

Complete the form by providing a description of what is wrong with each tool. If eligible, you can also elect to be sent a loaner tool while your tool is being repaired.

Confirm the order. 

Request a repair