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PROFIS DF Diaphragm design software

Choose and calculate fastenings for roof and floor decking

Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm software is designed to help select the optimum Hilti fastening solutions for your decking project.

Just input data - including the design method, relevant loads, deck type, support construction – and Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm will calculate the fasteners and systems for your project.

At the end of the process you’ll receive a detailed PDF report with full SDI calculations, shear loads, stiffness and other design criteria.

Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm is free of charge when you register on

PROFIS DF Diaphragm software

Advantages of HIlti PROFIS DF Diaphragm

Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm is based on two stand-up fastening solutions for decking – direct fastening and screw fastening.

They’re mechanical alternatives to welding. Both include stand-up fastening tools and a wide range of collated screw and nail strips.

Our deck fastening systems can help reduce stoppages due to rain or bad weather. 

There’s no need for heavy external power cables as many of our fastening tools are battery powered and powder-actuated. 

Our deck fasteners are designed to be fast to install and are supported by Hilti engineering advice online, on the phone and on the jobsite.


What you can calculate

Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm suggests the type of fasteners you can use and calculates:

  • Fastening pattern – how many fasteners you need and how much space to leave in between each fastener
  • Fasteners’ pull-out loads and shear loads
  • Allowable diaphragm shear loads – based on the fastening techniques and products you use
  • PDF report with specification – showing the type of fasteners you can use and where to attach them
  • Work on new templates or on an existing specification – Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm can recalculate existing designs to optimize loads and the number of fasteners

We also provide a technical manual to guide you through the software.


A Wide Range of Deck Fastening Systems

We offer a wide range of screw and direct fastening solutions for decking.

With Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm you can choose from many different Hilti frame fasteners including

  • X-HSN and X-ENP nails
  • Deck screw fasteners – including Hilti Racing Tip RT5
  • Sidelap connectors - including Hilti Sidelap Screw SLC

Decking Fastening Approvals

Hilti PROFIS DF Diaphragm is based on the Steel Deck Institute (SDI) Diaphragm Design Method and includes the latest International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) AC43 performance data.

How to download PROFIS DF Diaphragm

Download PROFIS DF Diaphragm in 4 Steps

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  4. Click the link in the email and follow prompts to download and activate


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