Set a new standard for your post-installed rebar designs

Reduce Rework. Save Time. Control Costs.

PROFIS Rebar helps you quickly calculate post-installed rebar development lengths as an alternative to cast-in-place rebar installation - reducing redundancy, saving time, and controlling costs.

Stay Compliant

ICC-ES evaluation reports for Hilti post-installed rebar in concrete ensures installations are model code compliant under the International Building Code. 

Reduce Redundancy

When cast-in-place rebar is missed during installation, or when retrofitting of an existing structure is necessary, PROFIS Rebar allows you to utilize ACI 318 development and splice provisions with post-installed rebar in lieu of removing and re-pouring concrete to install cast-in-place bars.

Control Costs

Utilizing post-installed rebar rather than removing and repouring contrete helps control project costs.


Post-Install Rebar for Development

Design per ACI 318 development and splice provisions – and be confident your post-installed applications are up to model code. 

Comprehensive Calculations

Use development calculations for lap splices, starter bars, special moment frames and special structural walls. 

Design Reporting

Easily generate a report with development and splice calculations and ICC-ES approval references (ESR).  

Approval Library

Access ESR approvals for comprehensive design and project reporting. 

Static and Seismic Calculation

Easily perform development and splice calculations for static and seismic load conditions.

Hilti Design Method

For shear friction post-installed rebar applications, the Hilti Design Method permits calculation of a shallower embedment than that calculated using ACI 318 shear friction provisions.

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