Take your tools—and your productivity—to new depths.

Scanning and inspecting concrete has never been easier or more accurate. With PROFIS PS 1000 Premium Package and the Hilti X-Scan Detection System PS 1000, you can locate objects in concrete up to 18" (450 mm.) deep.

With Hilti Detection Systems and PROFIS PS 1000, you can:

  • Detect embedded objects at depths up to 18" (450 mm.) in concrete
  • Identify numbers, types and sizes of reinforcement bar in concrete
  • Locate live electrical cables
  • Create true diameter drill hole markers
  • Perform nondestructive inspection of concrete
  • Perform as-built checks in concrete

Three views in one

With PROFIS PS 1000, you can overlay scan data from three different sensors—and view the information in a single output. That makes it easier to:

  • Identify and classify rebar
  • Confirm rebar diameter
  • Gather accurate cover depth information
  • Identify live electrical cables in conduit
  • Find and mark locations for drilling, coring and sawing
  • Help avoid costly damages from cutting or drilling rebar, pipes or cables

Check it, place it and believe it.

For as-built checks, PROFIS PS 1000 Premium Package helps you:

  • Label scan positions and drill hole markers with building coordinates
  • Place accurate scan data in design files
  • Export scan data to DXF, COLLADA, X3D and more
  • Import scan data to popular design programs, such as AutoCAD, Trimble, SketchUp, Hilti PROFIS Anchor and more

More power with PROFIS Engineering

Using Hilti Detection Systems and PROFIS PS 1000 software, you can detect objects in concrete easily and accurately. Then, using PROFIS Engineering, you can design anchor systems to accommodate existing conditions—including mechanical anchors, adhesive anchors, cast-in-place headed studs and headed bolts.

Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Import data from Hilti Detection System tools
  2. Adjust position of anchor plate
  3. Calculate anchor placement