PROFIS Installation FAQs


Beginning with PROFIS Installation, a license key will be required to use PROFIS Installation. The license key will be obtained by registering via Hilti Online. Registration Process First-time PROFIS Installation installers will be required to register via Hilti Online. After registering, they will receive a license key. They will receive a license key after completing the registration. The license key will permit them to continue using PROFIS Installation, and all subsequent versions of PROFIS Installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to register?

Software registration is a normal process that is now required by many business entities as a pre-requisite for purchasing their products or using their services. The registration process states the terms of use of the software. PROFIS Installation registration permits Hilti to better serve users. Registration permits us to understand usage trends, which will help us to develop future functionality for the software. Registration permits us to contact users who are affected by a PROFIS Installation malfunction or safety-related issue. Registration permits users to receive future software updates and technical support for future software versions. Registration permits users to receive previews of new PROFIS Installation features and products. PROFIS Installation registration will not result in Hilti spamming, and all information derived from registration will be held confidential by Hilti.

Do I have to register each time I Install or update the software?

Once mandatory registration is implemented, registration is a one-time process that is specific to a computer. It provides a license key that will be used to install PROFIS Installation for the first time, or to update PROFIS Installation on that computer. Once a user has registered, they do not need to register again, but they may need a new license key if the following occurs:

  1. PROFIS Installation is uninstalled from their computer.
  2. PROFIS Installation is installed on a different computer.

For each of these occurrences, the user will need a new license key to install PROFIS Installation. The user is still registered, but they will be required to log in to Hilti Online and input their e-mail and password. They will then be provided with a new license key that will permit installation of PROFIS Installation.

What if I choose not to register?

Persons intending to install PROFIS Installation for the first time will be required to register in order to install the software. They will receive a license key that permits software installation. If the registration process is declined, they will not be able to install PROFIS Installation.