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PROFIS Installation

Easily model and analyze your structural installations

A desktop computer with screenshot and three parallel software screenshots of modular supports installation

Easily design, model, and analyze complex support systems

PROFIS Installation’s comprehensive capabilities calculate for seismic loads, enable 3D modeling, and generate complete bill of materials – so you can confidently and efficiently tackle your entire installation support project.

Adhere To Standards

Verify your calculations and designs meet regulatory standards. PROFIS Installation helps verify fixed-point solutions and load calculations adhere to approvals and requirements.

Improve Productibility

Pre-designed templates and automatic product recommendation of Hilti fixed-point solutions enable faster design and structural analysis.  

Increase Efficiency

Bills of material generation and design export to 2D and 3D platforms makes it easier to get designs from specifier to purchaser to installer.


Screenshot of structural supports in 3D static system

3D Design Modeling

Model and analyze structural supports in a 3D static system and quickly generate a static report on connector and channel utilization. 

Hilti site screenshot of installation channels

Channel Design

Calculate and input installation channels and brackets into structural models with the click of a button and help easily verify their efficiency. 

Screenshot of structural supports template

Template Designs

Choose from a database of pre-designed channel system templates to help quickly select and input the right connector and channel for each scenario. 

Screenshot of structural supports of fixed-point design

Fixed Point Design

Help calculate and quickly select the Hilti fixed-point solution for expansion solutions, including bending arm, U-bend and axial expansion joint. Easily generate a design report, including code-compliant deck system calculations, approvals and an item list.  

Screenshot of structural supports of seismic design

Seismic Design

Simplify structural analysis for seismic considerations, including seismic installation parts and calculation of load scenarios according to seismic codes with a Hilti database of pre-designed templates for seismic applications. 

Screenshot of structural installation supports

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily export design models to BIM/CAD design platforms, generate a bill of materials and produce installation instructions for every scenario. 

From Our Customers

We are running PROFIS Installation on our E3D System. With this software we can now design our mounting systems on E3D and make all calculations. We are very happy with this solution.

Spitzer Austria

Technical Data

Supported operating system Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
System Requirements Internet connection necessary to perform calculations
CPU Requirements Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon dual-core processor, 1.6 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology
Minimum required disc space 1400 MB
Graphics card requirement DirectX9 compatible graphics adapter with 64 MB RAM

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