Modular Supports Plug-In

Integrated 3D modeling software for mechanical, electrical, and industrial modular support systems.

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Modular Supports Plug-In connects directly to the software you use every day.

Modular Supports Plug-In for Smart 3D

Insert Hilti modular supports systems directly into your 3D plant designs using our modular supports catalogue for Intergraph Smart3D. Our catalog of smart assemblies helps you more easily design mechanical, electrical, and piping applications for your energy and industry projects.

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Modular Supports Plug-In for PDMS & E3D

Use an integrated template and typical wizard to quickly and easily add Hilti installation systems, including MI, MIQ, MC, and MR channel systems, directly into your 3D plant designs using Modular Supports Plug-In for AVEVA Plant Design Management System (PDMS) and Everything 3D (E3D). 

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Third-Party Integration

Integrate directly into your Smart 3D or AVEVA PDMS and E3D platforms for a more connected project team throughout the design, procurement, and building process. 

Smart Support Placement

Quickly add attachments, resize frames, swap out parts, and add bracing in your 3D model with our intelligent smart support placement wizard.

Typical Customization

Customize typicals based on your unique design requirements to support project standardization need.  

Bills of Material Generator

Control costs and easily place orders with automatic bills of material generation. 

Comprehensive Documentation

Produce a fully specified model with support data, a bill of materials, or material takeoff report with the simple click of a button.  

Expert Support

Hilti Engineers are available to analyze your standards and help you find the right solutions - so you can have confidence in your design.

From Our Customers

This is something we don’t usually do in Electrical. We don't model supports. The tool is great. I'd love to push a button and have it all done, which is essentially what you've done here.

Joey De Mark Antonio,
Electrical Engineer, Jacobs

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