PROFIS Layout Office

PROFIS Layout Office simplifies data preparation and reporting

Expert Layouts Easily Designed

Create a digital replica of your construction project with ease, eliminating the need to learn a complex CAD program. Reduced design time means greater efficiency and increased ROI.

Increase ROI

Comprehensive calculating and office-to-field data collaboration reduces design time, increasing profit margins.

Improve Accuracy

Reliable analysis of detailed layout designs help ensure calculations and parameters are accurate.

Increase Efficiency

CAD compatiability improves transparency and prevents rework, improving your project team’s efficiency.


Common Interface

Operate faster with standard view controls offering a common user interface designed for anyone with a limited understanding of CAD.

Intelligent Reporting

Quickly and easily generate accurate as-build and layout reports.

Point Selection

Select multiple point in individual, window or current view points selection.

Data Importing

Import data from a variety of formats including AutoCAD™, DXF, DWG, PDF and CSV.

Flexible Designs

Create layout points, lines and areas for onboard layout for use in the field.

Technical Data

Supported operating system Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
System requirements Computer with internet connection 
Security and authoriations Hilti signed software
Minimum required disc space 600 MB
CPU Requirements Dual Core CPU with 2.94 GHz
Memory (RAM) Requirements 4 GB
Graphics card requirement OpenGL 3.0 support

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