Self-cleaning hole and virtually dustless adhesive anchor system solution.

legacy way project

The Project

Legacy Way is a 4.6km tunnel that provides access to and from Brisbane, Australia’s western suburbs.  The tunnel incorporates many state-of-the-art safety features including a smoke duct above the roadway to extract toxic gases in the event of a fire. The duct was formed by precast panels supported by a continuous corbel. The world-class ventilation system also allows tunnel personnel to continuously measure and control air quality through sensors placed at one kilometer intervals along the duct.

The Hilti Difference

Transcity JV needed to install over 100,000 reinforcing bars into the segment lining for the smoke duct and corbel structure of the tunnel. Because the tunnel is an underground, largely enclosed environment, the construction team needed an anchoring solution that minimized the amount of airborne dust caused by traditional hole cleaning methods.

Hilti field representatives suggested the SafeSet technology system to the Transcity JV team as a solution to their problem. The contractors used Hilti SafeSet with HIT-HY 200 adhesive, the TE-YD hollow drill bit and the VC 20/40 vacuum on the Legacy Way Tunnel project and found that the solution not only fulfilled the stringent performance requirements, but also was significantly more productive than traditional drilling and anchoring methods.  The faster drilling speed and elimination of anchor hole cleaning resulted in a time savings of up to 90 seconds per hole. Additionally, installers had a low-dust work environment and the assurance that the anchor holes were automatically cleaned and ready for injection of the HIT-HY 200 adhesive.

Product Spotlight

Self-cleaning anchor hole installation is as simple as it sounds. With SafeSet technology, the installer uses a Hilti hollow drill bit to drill the anchor hole with a VC 20/40 vacuum cleaner attachment. Using this method, the dust is sucked out of the hole during the drilling process, thereby eliminating the need for further cleaning and keeping your jobsite a virtually dustless environment.

Transcity JV optimized their performance by installed over 100,000 reinforcing bars using the Hilti HIT-HY 200 hybrid adhesive anchor. Suitable for use in cracked or uncracked concrete and all seismic categories, HIT-HY 200 is a truly versatile chemical anchor option. Contractors can select the ideal working time based on the application and base material temperature conditions at the time of installation. Learn more about SafeSet technology or start incorporating Hilti products into your next project by vising the Anchor Design Center in the links below.