Firestop documentation manager complete project software solution

Police Married Quarters Hong Kong

According to www.DiscoverHongKong.com, the Police Married Quarters was the first dormitory for Chinese rank and file police officers.  In 1951, Hong Kong’s population was rapidly expanding and the need for a larger police force was urgent and the provision of living quarters was an attractive staff benefit.  The building included 140 single rooms and 28 double rooms with a semi-open design that allowed for greater interaction between residents.

In 2009, the building was renamed as PMQ.  The buildings have been retained, reinforced, refurbished and upgraded for new uses and the site is now a hub for design and creative industries.  Residential units have been converted into design studios and shops, offices for creative enterprises and lodging for visiting designers.

The Hilti Difference

The Hong Kong Architectural Services Department began enforcing contractors’ use of code compliant firestop products on jobsites such as the Police Married Quarters renovation project. Many of the existing through penetrations in the PMQ were upgraded to code compliant standards by using Hilti firestop products such as the CFS-BL firestop blocks for large opening through penetrations and CP-648 firestop wrap strips for insulated pipe through penetrations. The Hilti team presented the CFS-DM firestop documentation manager software as a total project solution for easily and efficiently documenting firestop system installations.

Product Spotlight

Hilti CFS-DM firestop documentation manager is the straightforward software solution that equally fulfills the needs of planners, specifiers, installers, building owners and inspection authorities. This innovative solution allows you to plan and document every stage of an entire firestop project in a single comprehensive software application. Progress reports and work permits are produced with the click of a mouse through an easy-to-use back office online interface. This not only streamlines the documentation process, but it also greatly simplifies building acceptance inspections and subsequently makes firestop system maintenance more efficient. Find out more about CFS-DM and how you can add it to your toolbox!