Direct Fastening Case Study: Denver International Airport

An electrifying addition to one of the world's busiest terminals.

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With over 53 million passengers arriving and departing each year, Denver International Airport (DIA) is ranked as the 15th busiest airport in the world. To enhance the experience of all the travelers passing through the airport, DIA decided to construct a Hotel and Transit Center—a 519-room hotel and conference center that connects the airport to downtown Denver via a new rail system and functions as a central station for buses serving the airport.

This was a massive project, and it called for the attachment of numerous electrical components throughout the complex. To help address the electrical needs of the new construction, we partnered with electrical contractors to find a faster, more reliable solution for attaching the electrical components than through bolting, stud welding or screw fastening.

By working directly with the contractors to understand the project needs, the decision was made to use the Hilti direct fastening portfolio, and our representatives provided direct jobsite training to all of the installers.

The X-BT W6 threaded stud allowed the contractor to eliminate the common concerns associated with other attachment methods, such as environmental factors, aesthetics or correct installation.

The neoprene washer is designed to provide a tight seal of the fastening point to protect the base steel connection from corroding. The threaded studs also allowed for easy adjustment during installation and for the removal of misplaced or damaged boxes.